Emotional Riding… A Big No-No!

I had a bummer of a day, and it was my day off. Well, thanks… but no thanks. I started it out responsible enough: cleaned the Jones from the exploded soda can off the walls, window and countertop. This wasn’t what got me upset, it was just the catalyst for pent up stress and frustration due to a few things that life chose to throw at me in rapid succession. Anyway, I did a few other chores around the house…. and cleaned my bike REALLY well. I especially loved my chrome today. For some reason, I started getting agitated again, so I said to myself: “SCREW THIS! I’m going for a ride!”, even though I had previously decided not to (for obvious reasons.) I put all my cleaning supplies inside the house, jumped in my gear and headed down the road and out of town. I was doing ok, for a while anyway. Then something happened, and I found myself riding like a maniac! Taking chances I normally wouldn’t and feeling the rush of adrenaline wash over me. My favorite twisty road (or at least what has to pass as twisty around here) became my ‘battle ground’, I probably could have put a knee down had I wanted to (on a freakin’ Harley Sportster) were it not for the small, but insanely important, fact that I don’t have knee sliders (I guess I was clear enough in my head for that) and doing 90something in a 45. However, I almost got busted by the local popo twice. “Why are all these coppers out here TODAY? WTF? Don’t they have paperwork to do at the cop shop? Gawd!” That just sucked the joy and exhilaration I was feeling right out of me, and the blues inevitably returned with an edge of anger. Normally, I can self-regulate when I get a little too enthusiastic, today I just got angry for having the ‘Killjoys’ cramp my style. I slowed down (for a little while) and then told myself that the usual peace and balance that I get out of two-wheeled therapy wasn’t going to happen, so I stuffed it onto an I-20 onramp I happened upon at that moment and did 90-95 all the way to my exit. I had a good excuse, too, I told myself that anyway, because today traffic was hopping, so I just kept up with the flow. For awhile there, I was calm again, figured the therapy finally kicked in, as per usual. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and bought myself a Lo-Carb Monster (like I needed EXTRA energy) to get myself slowed from riding on the Interstate. When I got home I finished putting up my cleaning supplies, and had to admit that I was just as frustrated and bummed as I had been. What a waste of letting it hang out so clearly.

LESSON LEARNED: NEVER ride while in an emotionally upset state. EVER! Calm yourself down using less dangerous methods and THEN go ride to polish off a newly acquired good mood. I knew that before I embarked on my little speeding spree. I even had previously decided that I wouldn’t go riding, but did it anyway.

I was a squid today. 😦 Don’t be a squid.

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