5K, Baby, 5K! And then some…

>I’ve rolled 5K on Tuesday. I couldn’t say where and when, but I must have, since Kittyhog’s odo still reads 4897 and I put about 600 miles on the Fat Lady in the four days she’s been with me… so here are some firsts I’m proud of:

1> On Tuesday: I got on a brand new bike I’ve never ridden before, and pulled out of the dealership parking lot while our sales guy was watching and god knows who else. According to my hubby I even appeared to look like I knew what I was doing. I overcame, no… I faced my huge fear of embarrassing myself in public (and not give into the temptation to let hubby deal with it)

2> On Wednesday: I took the long way around going home from work. My place of employment is 7 miles from the house. It took me about 100 to make it home.

2> On Thursday: I logged the longest ride in miles (solo or otherwise) going solo. I couldn’t tell you how many miles it was, but it took me 3 hours at varying speeds well below and well above the posted speed limit (break-in stuff) I wish I had paid attention or taken the GPSr… since I forgot to reset the trip odo from the previous day.) The ride from Hayesville, NC doesn’t qualify, because I LET hubby ride my baby for about 40 miles, while I was behind him in the cage)

3> On Friday: I did 120 miles on the Interstate longest and fastest jaunt on the superslab to date, just for a bag of Hot Fries and a cup o’ java. Keeping up with the flow of traffic, trying not to get run over… I was going 85 in a 70 and was still being passed left and right (literally)! What’s up with that? Sometimes nobody speeds and you stick out like a speed demon going only 5 miles over and other times 90 is more like it?!? Scary…

I could have never done that on Kittyhog. The Fat Lady just fits me and my body perfectly. Like she was made for me or something. I might just be able to do that Iron Butt now, even without any ergo mods. Which reminds me… I’m not getting lowering links (as I thought I might want before actually riding her). If I scoot my butt down the seat a bit, I can actually flat-foot her fully with a little bend left in my knees. It just looks weird taking off (it must… because I have to hop forward again to get into my comfy riding position)

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