Sick & Tired! of my Service Department and the RAIN is no help!

I’m about sick and tired of all this rain! It fits my mood today though. I was going outside to check something on my bike (in anticipation to fix my right side fairing) and I popped the hump to check out my toolkit, since I hadn’t looked at it yet. I just about dropped the Tupperware when I saw what they had put into my ‘trunk’. Those bums put my entire Scorpio alarm system into the little plastic square, which formerly held my waterproof liners (I took them out, since I’m wearing them EVERY day). The accelerometer (whatever it is called, the thing that measures inclination of bike and determines when it has moved), which needs to stay upright was neatly stuck in front of my toolkit, which basically prohibited me from taking it out. I’m pissed now. I paid them $75 to install this thing and they neatly crammed it into premium real estate which is my storage compartment. I should have went with my better judgement and installed it myself, but hubby was worried about the warranty. It probably only took them like 20 minutes to do it this way, since mostly it was plug ‘n play into the bike’s factory wiring harness) I don’ t have a work order either, just a CC slip. I wasn’t feeling good that day. I didn’t ask any questions, I forgot to do my walk-around (they still hadn’t fixed my fairing) and I have no clue if they checked out the clutch bolts, like I had asked them to, during her first service. To sum it up, the dude has about as much personality as a cold fish, he doesn’t answer any questions, he generally acts like I’m an interruption to his workday and comes across as an arrogant ass (in my husband’s opinion). And I found myself defending them, maybe it’s a personality conflict, maybe he’s had a bad day, blah blah bleh) During the first service they didn’t put the right side fairing back on right, one of the hooks on top (the middle one) is not in its latch, so there’s a 5 mm gap between the upper cowl and the side. There are scratches where they inserted what I assume was a flat-head screw driver in an attempt to pop the plastic rivet thingies out of their frame grommets… They wanted to hold my bike hostage for 4 days just to install the alarm, because the bike had to be in their possession physically in order to hold the place in line. In other words, they don’t do appointments. I am a commuter… this simply doesn’t work for me! I tried to explain that to them, and they finally let me pick her up on Wednesday evening to bring her back Friday morning. They had her for over 36 hours and didn’t do ANYTHING to her. 😦 There’s no other dealer in this town that works on Suzukis… the other dealer is owned by the same dude, so I’m not even gonna go down there. I really can’t stand this. There’s a few nice, decent people there, but the two buttholes with unbelievable circumference more than make up for that. There’s the sales manager who doesn’t believe girls should even look at ‘busas, and the service guy who is a repressed homosexual and takes it out on the women. Gawd! I really hate coming to this place. Nothing but problems, they seem to only be doing the minimum required and keeping the customer informed? Hell no…. he promised he would call me when she was done, and never did. That happened twice already. But where to go for service. I’d like to give my moolah to the peeps that make me feel like they WANT my business and appreciate me bringing my bike in and taking care of her as if she was their own… how do you find that? The guys at Harley got that… for all the problems they have on the sales floor, with their MSRP games and the such, the service and parts guys rocked. They took care of me. I wish they worked on ‘busas. *arrrgh* How many miles am I going to have to go. I can’t just drop her off and pick her up whenev’s, she’s my primary form of transportation. I think I’m screwed. Maybe it’s because I didn’t buy her there? That doesn’t make sense, though. Service is where the money’s at, or so I thought…. gawd… and did I mention it’s been raining here pretty much EVERY day since I got her???? And it’s gonna continue doing so AT LEAST until next Friday? I give up! I don’t even care anymore if I get soaked. People stare at me when I walk in a place dripping wet to get some errands or shopping done. I really don’t care anymore. Bring on the snow, I’m freaking ready! 😦

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