Those aren’t speed bumps… they’re wheelie assists!

I was going to the DMV today to get my tags renewed, a fashionable month late, may I add, because I totally forgot. Luckily, the lady was nice and didn’t charge me the late fee… but anyways, what do all government parking lots have in common? Yellow-painted speed bumps. They are EVERYwhere in this particular lot, some of which so close to the corner, that you almost have to go over while leaned over from your turn. But I don’t sweat it. These are nothing, done them a hundred times, jumped wood in the MSF BRC, heck, I even bottomed out on one and recovered. I’m a speed bump expert. So, I pull into the lot and I do what I’ve been taught to do and what I since replicated countless times. I load the pegs, give it some gas, and WHOOOOOOOAAAAA! The suspension lifts, the weight shifts rear as the front tire hits the bump and climbs… no jumps over. It’s wheelie time! Well, almost, I recognize what’s happening and close the throttle slightly and shift my weight forward, at that moment I’m over, supsension compresses as the weight shifts back forward… rear tire jumps over and the Fat Lady has the nerve to slap me up the butt. I try another one, with the same stinking results. What the heck? The truck behind me is starting to increase his following distance as I say heck with this stand up on the bike and idle the thing over the remaining three bumps.

Note to self: The Busa doesn’t need any help going over a speed bump…. and I bet any of the lighter sportbikes probably are even worse.

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