Woot! Guess what I did on the way home from work today?!?

I’m soooo stoked. Well, I shouldn’t be, but I am. I’m on my way home from work and I decide to go the longer way around (of course). I get stuck in the middle of a cager salad and decide to do a little creative riding to get ahead of the crowd. I’m in a good mood. My right wrist hurts like hell (still), but it reminds me to keep my posture right and relaxed up top. I’m really digging this. I’m listening to my iPod, it’s not raining on me, although the pregnant clouds that were hanging out over my place of employment all day long kept their legs crossed, just waiting for me to get on my bike to go home. But nada. I got lucky (again) and I dunno, I’m getting enthusiastic. I end up behind another biker and just fall in behind him and keep up zippin’ through traffic. Ah, it seems when two or more are gathered… needless to say neither of us are going the speed limit anymore. Life is good. By the time I get to the end of the Parkway, I get into the right turn lane and it just so happens that the light had just changed and there is a break in traffic, and no cage in my line. Oh yeah, I’ve been reading Code all day, time to put some of that into use. Throttle control… at this point I’ve forgotten all about my right wrist… well, I’d forgotten about that a while ago. LOL Anyhoo, I slow, downshift, decide to not hang off (for a change), since I need left turn hang-off practice… I got the right side down… set entry speed, turn it in, 40/60, roll on… blah blah and what do we have here? The rear wheel spins up and comes around. Woot! I just let it happen, and it’s sweet. WooooHooooo! Awesome. Sexy. It feels like perfection. And when it feels sexy, you know you’ve done it right. Holy crap! I totally didn’t plan on that happening, not really sure why it happened, will have to analyze it some more… And I pulled that shit off with an audience. Sweetness. Yeah! Busa Girl wows them again. *giggles* It would have freaked me out if it had happened before reading about it in ‘A Twist Of The Wrist II’ by Keith Code. I rode home the rest of the way with a shit-eating grin plastered all over my face. I still get all giddy just thinking about it.

Note: Yes, those are little plastic squids hanging out on my Long Island Iced Tea. People just kept giving them to me (actually I demanded they be handed over in trade for mermaids). I have a whole squadron of little plastic squids I scored at Geddy’s in Baa Haba, ME. There’s a blue one riding a little white Hayabusa fridge magnet I found in a gift shop near the Village Green. =D If you’re ever in that town, you owe it to yourself to eat at Geddy’s. From the Village Green, follow the road to the water front, it’ll be right there on the left, across from the water fountain in the park. It’s easier to find in the dark, there’s a lit moose with red antlers sitting astride the building’s roof.

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