The Fat Lady Ain’t A Cheap Date

Get this! After I gotten laid by The Fat Lady I went to the mail box later that same day and guess what was waiting on me there? The touch-up paint pens from ColorRite that I’d ordered a week or so ago (for minor scratch repair, just in case). Hahahahaaaa…. I almost peed my pants! And mumbled something along the lines of ‘this ain’t gonna be enuff, I need the aerosol’! Now I own a REAL ‘Busa.

Broken off bits: Clutch lever and peg feeler
Left bar end
Left can
Left footrest
Left mirror
Left side under cowling
Left side cowling, popped out top panel and a shorty clutch lever conversion
Left side top panel
Stator cover

Snapped off clutch lever: $50.01
Snapped off front footrest bar: $22.32
New decals for the left side: $62.04
Color-Rite touch-up paint and 1000-grit sandpaper: $70.00

$194.37 of damage. If I chose to make her new again, it would run around $800 in tupperware, mirror and decals. Now I know why the ‘Busa isn’t considered a good starter bike. =D

AFTER INCIDENT SMOKE: I washed her and she’s nice and clean again. I need to apply the clear coat and then buff the heck out of it tomorrow (right after I clean and lube my chain and top off the oil). Note: I still can’t apply touch-up paint to save my life. =D I’m gonna order some Pazzo Racing shorty  levers in blue with silver tabs to replace the stock ones (after I ride around with my shorty clutch, to see if I like it. I ground the end down so it wouldn’t have any sharp edges and snag on my bike cover or glove) and probably get those anodized aluminum blue racing rearsets I’ve been thinking about. I don’t know, I might just peel the damaged decals off and replace them with stock or just get rid of them entirely and put something custom there. Or just peel the damage ones off and leave it alone. Dunno yet. Gotta think on it, see what speaks to my soul. I think she would look kinda naked w/o anything there though.

After: Left can
After: Left side
After: Stator cover

…CONTINUED: Ok. I couldn’t help myself. The inner perfectionist did a manual override on the inner self who was all ‘oh yeah! combat ‘busa!’ and I had to peel the damaged decals off. Which side looks better? I’m debating whether or not to get new ones for the left side or to peel the two decals in question off the right side to make the sides match. The ones on the tank will not come off, since they are UNDER the clear coat, rather than just stuck on top of it like EVERY other decal on the bike.

Damaged decals removed
Original decal configuration

…AH CRAP! About a week later, I noticed that the touched up places seemed to have taken on a bluish/grey tint in the sunlight. WTF? Then it dawned on me, I forgot the damn primer and now the black is showing through! So… I had to go back to and get some freakin’ primer. Damn! The perfectionist in me can’t leave it as is and in light of that (no pun intended) I’m glad I was too lazy to actually put the clear coat on. So, eventually I’ll have to redo the whole bit. *sigh*

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