Most Boring Ride Video EVER created! v1.0

Let’s see if this works:

This was my first vid edit on a Mac: Enjoy one of my fav Vocal Trance songs of all time… (until it gets stripped, that is) since that’s the only redeeming factor here. Of course, we’re riding to work, so WHAT WAS I expecting? *raises eyebrow* There’s crappy footage of a few of my choice practice spots. I have to redo this, however, I need to figure out why the cam was shaking so much. It was shaking less when I had the stem nut mount installed wrong. Now that it’s in there right, it feeds the vibrations right up to the cam. I’m just gonna leave that for the GPSr and I might just get that GoPro Hero cam thing after all so I can record my escapades in the north GA mountains properly… I already missed that once due to a crappy cam mount (oh, and a hangover). Yeah, let’s not forget that… I partied a little too hard the night before and the morning video run through the GA348/GA180/US17 loop was canned due to dehydration-induced vertigo. I’m surprised Joe didn’t have to strap my ass to the ‘Busa to keep me from falling off on the way home.

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