The Fat Lady’s First Real Bling

I’ve made myself a promise to only mod and/or replace what is actually damaged or broken. Otherwise, I  couldn’t be trusted with the CC. Hell, I’d get loans just to buy stuff for my bike. It’s bad enough that I’m a gear whore. Anyhoo, since the stock levers were damanged during the ummm… incident, they were fair game:

Out with the old and broke (not to mention wrist torture devices) and in with some ‘Busa blue functional bling, if it pleases and sparkles:

Pazzos are here! w00t! They’re blue anodized aluminum with titanium adjusters. I also had the clutch lever engraved with ‘DOWN2GETHER’ for 10 extra smackers. Hubby helped me put them on last night around 11’ish, armed with flash light, a can of S100 corrosion protectant, #8 and #10 wrenches, and a torque wrench. I couldn’t wait, but then again it was too dark to fully appreciate them. Surprised we didn’t loose any small parts groping around in the driveway after dark. =D

I opted for the longs because I didn’t like the way my ‘shorty conversion’ clutch lever felt, but with these puppies I pretty much can clutch it using two fingers and I can do the brake with one. These are more responsive, feel tighter (but are not harder to pull, actually they’re easier), and are finally closer to the grips, so I can be on the brake while still rolling off the throttle without getting a kink in my wrist. That hopefully takes care of my mangled wrists, which are still painful, but are slowly getting better after I had adjusted my levers down. (doh!) These babies should take the rest of the strain off and finally give my wrists a break. 🙂

AND they’re lighter than the stocks, so the Fat Lady has probably lost a pound. LOL

Note to self: The frame sliders are still in the box they came in. Now shouldn’t the lesson have been  sufficiently learned? Shouldn’t those puppies already be installed on the bike? Just sayin’…

One Comment on “The Fat Lady’s First Real Bling”

  1. Wrenches says:

    If you decide on buying a motorbyke you should keep your wrench tool box near by.

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