Milestones are harder to come by…

…but I finally managed three M/C firsts (and hence milestones) and all in one day:

  1. After watching a few edumacational YouTube videos, I changed the Fat Lady’s rear tire all by myself (my hubby couldn’t handle me talking to myself and some of the cuss words made him cringe, so I sent him inside… well I suggested that he’ll go inside and do something to himself LOL) Sorry, but I’m a loner when it comes to mechanical stuff.
    Changing The Fat Lady's rear tire

    Another motorcycling first: Changing a rear tire

  2. I finally rode the Samsonite Missile, which I was too scared to do until now. Finally grew a set and mounted up. Samy or the Samsonite Missile is hubby’s 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14. It’s a monster. It’s got 100 pounds on the ‘Busa and I can barely tiptoe that thing. I can’t shift it properly, since — get this — my feet are too short to get leverage between the heel on the peg and the toe under the shifter… I had to tuck ‘n yank… which makes for interesting shift behavior. The clutch throw is so long, I had to send out a search party for the friction zone, which also makes for interesting times. After getting somewhat used to all of that, I showed hubby how you ride a Concours. 🙂 I would drag hard bags before I ever got a knee down, but he got the point. LOL
  3. I finally got the guts to execute clutchless downshifts. Only after hubby in front of me on The Fat Lady (what a sight that is, I wish I had video… and now I know what the big deal is about riding behind girls leaned over a tank in black leather pants ROFL) sticks his left hand behind his back, five fingers extended, palm out and quickly folds in fingers in a ‘look mom no clutch’ gear countdown. I never saw the Fat Lady’s suspension react. The ‘hole was smooth as butter. Damn you! We switched back to our own bikes at a gas station, and on the way out some dude hollered to his buddy so loud I could hear him over my husband’s engine and my own: ‘That girl’s onna ‘Busa! She’s on A BUSA! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! That’s a Hayabusa with a girl on it!!!! And she’s so tiny!” Those two things inspired me to try and about 7 miles later I did, and it worked, and it was smooth (somewhat), but the more I thought about it the worse it got, and I got my throttle confused… so I stopped. Can’t think, must just do. However, I still think clutchless upshifts are easier, even though hubby disagrees. After I get that down, where it’s smooth and perfect like my upshifts, without so much of a thought, I’m going to learn the reverse shift pattern when I get those Vortex rearsets. 🙂

Maybe one day I’ll be the oldest fastest woman on two wheels. =D I’m working on it.

One Comment on “Milestones are harder to come by…”

  1. mtajudy says:

    You are a hoot!
    Good job workin on the bike. It made me think of the last time I was going to change the oil in the HD. Over the 30 plus years I have riden, its always been on again off again. By the time I get to wrench again, I have forgotten everything I learned before. I looked at the Harley, tilted my head a couple times, totally forgot where the plug was. Ran my hand around the engine and decided to go grab the manual.
    I love that the bike is like a right arm to ya. Thats what makes a rider good…

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