To Whom It May Concern:

Picture it: It’s raining, a cozy 34˚ F, visibility is low. It’s dark and the lights refract off the wet pavement making it hard to discern surface conditions. I’m patiently waiting at the line in the outside left-turn lane. I’m bouncing to the beat of some Vocal Trance number that is pumping through my stereo ear plugs courtesy of my iPod. The playlist today: A little performance inspiring mix titled “Hayabusa – Ride Fast”. I can’t hear much. I pilot mostly by the feel of the engine’s vibes. You know, when it starts feeling really good, go ahead and shift up a gear. The light turns green, I still myself and do my thing: I get my lean on, twist ‘N shout, and fishtail that puppy out of the turn. Yeah. And I’m loving it! Hell to the yes! Every squiddy second of it! That’s how I do traction control. Muhahaha!

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