New Rearsets: 2nd Opinion

OMG! I think I hate these things. Well, hate is too strong a word, maybe ‘narrowly focused dislike’ is more like it. I knew I had promised myself to take it easy and feel my way back into it and let it happen at its own pace. Just like I did when I first started learning. Something inside said: “Screw this!” and I rode it pretty much like I always have… or tried to. First off, it’s a lot harder to keep them feet anchored at the arch and rotate the toes inward for lever operation than I first thought. I find them going back up in their accustomed tippy-toe position. Then there’s the worst part. I corner like crap anymore. Whereas before my body movements where fluid, now there is well… I don’t know, uncertainty. My pivot points have changed, I suppose that’s what it comes down to. The upper body’s still loose, but my anchor feels iffy at best. I tried hanging off, but decided to abort at the last second, since I didn’t want to slide off the side and bounce my butt gloriously across the road while watching the Fat Lady try to make it home on her own. It’s not so much the positioning there, as it is not having metal heel guards, I used to clamp my legs and thighs down to the frame, so my upper body wouldn’t introduce unintentional steering inputs. I could let go off my freakin’ hands and I wouldn’t budge from my spot. Sometimes my outside foot wouldn’t even be on the foot rest anymore, but rather dug into the frame further up (I’m short, what can I say?). All that gone. Maybe I was doing it wrong to begin with, but I see a problem with carbon fiber heel guards and my way of conducting business in the corners. I also keep missing shifts, but I think that has to do with my clunky boots, since I pretty much have to nick the lever with the side of the toe, than actually going under, which makes it a bit difficult to pre-weigh the lever. I let that one slide for now, until I had a chance to ride in my racing boots.

I like hanging off. I get my biggest kicks (other than sliding around corners and various other little squidly indulgences) from hanging off… and you don’t even have to break the speed limit. Now I feel like a junkie who just got booked into rehab. I have to practice patience, patience…. PATIENCE! ARRRRRGH! I’m gonna die if I have to ride it like Metamucil for gawd knows how long. *swallows hard*

I will survive! I will be back to my usual self. I will do PLP as soon as Hell Week is over and I will conquer this little setback….

Would you like to know more?
Intro: The Fat Lady’s Christmas Bling: Gilles Tooling Rearsets
Conclusion: Gilles Tooling Rearsets: From Ick! to meh. to Weeeeeeeee!!! in 6 weeks

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