New Year’s Resolutions: Hayabusa Style

I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. They are man’s way to set up for and succeed at failure. However, in an attempt to curtail my superfluous spending on crap (like gear) I’ll make three, to see if that keeps the card wielding under control. I mean, c’mon! Two Dainese leather racing suits in three months? Puhleeeze! Sad part? Haven’t even made it to the track yet. *dies laughing* “It’s all preparatory, my dear Watson!” I’m a gear whore and things need to calm down around here.

In the spirit of saving money to accomplish these, here we go (not necessarily in this order):

I just found a forum post at one of the places I hang out, which I had forgotten about. I had already made a list of milestones to reach in 2010. So here we go (in no particular order):

  1. Have a 15K 2nd riding year. I missed it in ’09 because I got sick with the flu in the last week, and it ticked me off. So, we’re gonna do it this year, fo sho!
  2. [THIS IS UNDER REVISION (more on that later)] Get my BusaButt to the drag strip and give it my best shot to join the 200-mph club. However, with just an X-TRE and everything else still stock, I’ll be happy to do 196. So the real goal is to bounce it off the rev limiter and see where that is and have the slip to prove it.
  3. Get my provisional racing license. I missed that one in ’09 also, since they cancelled all the Road Atlanta dates, rescheduled them at a diff track and I had to work on every single one of them. 😡
  4. Successfully complete an Iron Butt ride. Either 1K/24 or 1.5K/36. I’m leaning toward the 36 hour ride, but hubby wants to do a 24-hour…
  5. Do ‘The Box’ on the Hayabusa [the MSF BRC figure-8 exercise]
  6. Vanquish the ‘Circle of DooM’ exercise (Ride Like a Pro V DVD)
  7. Master the most evil of all m/c maneuvers, the u-turn, within my own lane on the highway. Making u-turns on a public road freaks me out, even if there is no traffic whatsoever, and I don’t know why.
  8. Beat my hubby in the quarter mile at The House of Hook!
  9. Stay citation free. 😆
  10. And if the money doesn’t run out: Participate in Lee Parks’ Total Control workshop.
  11. Get my stinking knee down.

2 Comments on “New Year’s Resolutions: Hayabusa Style”

  1. @viridari says:

    Iron Butt! I really want to do one of these, too.

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