So many mods, so little time…

I’m getting a little distracted here. Distracted and disorganized and it’s robbing me of my inner peace! I should, therefore, make a list. I like lists, lists are awesome. Lists come to my rescue when my brain is flooded with all these ideas which leave it unfocused. This list better be in order, nicely prioritized, although it may need tweaking as the situation warrants.

Promise to self: You CANNOT absolutely and under no circumstances BUY any more CRAP for the ‘Busa until you have completed the list. Period. This is positively messing with the balance of the universe and my peace at night…. so here we go:

  1. Adjust suspension to get baseline. <~ reread relevant parts in Trevitt’s book, do the calculations beforehand, so you’re not sitting in the driveway freezing your arse off for needless hours.
  2. Adjust those blasted rearsets.
  3. Retune suspension again to tweak settings.
  4. Fix your damn cam mount already!!!! <~ Finally bought the parts!!!!
  5. Move X-TRE from battery posts to +12V switched line. The junk hanging off your terminals is criminal. <~ need those nifty little gel-filled plastic “turbo-splicers” (those are awesome, find out what they’re called and buy a crap load, then get busy) <~ They are called “gel filled IDC butt splices”
  6. Finish painting the lettering on the front tire. <~ Most boring, tedious, repetitive, mundane, sleep-inducing task I’ve ever had the displeasure of inflicting upon myself willingly. <~ halfway done on one side *sigh*
  7. Reroute the wiring on the alarm system and relocate the components inside the body work. <~ They did a crappy shortcut job by stuffing it all in the trunk. This is also criminal, considering I paid the shop in Evans $75 for it and they went lazy and robbed me of precious real estate in the tail.
  8. Install voltmeter in left top panel near fuse box (with ability to check voltage while bike is not running.) <~ This probably requires hooking into two independent circuits. Your mission: figure out how to do this, buy necessary wiring components… get busy.
  9. Install power outlet in left top panel. <~ +12V switched, please. No more hanging junk off the terminals!!!
  10. Install Freeway Blaster air horn. Muahahahahahaaaaaa <~ Might not be doable anymore, since I’ve lowered the front.
  11. Look into gel seat modification, so you can get your feet back on the ground in racing boots. <~ We’re going a different route (lowering the bike), so no modification necessary.
  12. Redo your crappy touch-up paint job from when you dropped her and then forgot the damn primer. <~ Trying to reconstitute that hardened crap. If not, gotta buy some. Too cold for painting right now anyway.
  13. Hardwire GPSr into accessory circuit. I’m tired of replacing batteries. <~ Need to buy appropriate cable from Garmin.

Now you may proceed slinging cash at:

  • Tidy tail bracket to get rid of that annoying, in-the-way, ugly shovel in the back. <~ this has to be done before the next rear tire is needed. I am soooo not going to fight that thing again!
  • Galfer steel-braided brake lines upgrade
  • Air filter upgrade <~ I bought a K&N High Flow Replacement Air Filter […and the list isn't done… ooops… my bad.]
  • Brock’s full exhaust system <~ Alien Head? or maybe a Yoshi? Can’t make up my mind…
  • Power Commander V
  • Loads of LEDs in blue when parked; switchable to pink or white when moving. <~ However, I’m not sure if I’m actually going to go through with this, since it *is* weight w/o function and violates the MissBusa Prime Directive: “I shall not add anything to the Fat Lady that does not increase her performance or at least does not hinder it in any way.)
  • Brake pad upgrade <~ when the old ones wear out
  • Galfer Wave rotors
  • Stator cover upgrade
  • Replace ugly orange dash LEDs with some awesome blue ones
  • HID headlight upgrade
  • Replace stock taillight with clear
  • Paint mirror housings Pearl Splash White

5 Comments on “So many mods, so little time…”

  1. goldiron says:

    Good list. Get crackin’.

  2. goldiron says:

    Das Wetter ist kalt. Das Herz ist warm. Die Leidenschaften sind heiß.

    • MissBusa says:

      Jetzt fühle Ich mich ja richtig schuldig da Ich garnicht wie geplant an meiner Leidenschaft gearbeitet habe. Die Federung ist nicht eingestellt und die Fußrastenanlage auch nicht. 😦 Vielleicht hätte Ich mir warme Gedanken denken sollen. *zwinkert*

  3. goldiron says:

    Die warme Gedanken wird das Feuer Licht in deinem Bauch.

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