I haven’t been riding since Thursday’s commute home from work. I’ve been feeling gradually lazy, unmotivated and generally subdued, down, singing the blues… Didn’t put it all together until tonight when I came back from riding. Most fun I’ve had being outside in 30-degree weather since… well… when I was skiing Black Diamonds in Snowshoe, WV. I really knew it, too. In the summer, when stuff hit the fan at work, or the stress got to me, or I was feeling down, I went riding. So, how come I forgot? Because, it’s too damn cold! I remember now. I feel recharged. And happy. So what if I’m freezing my tail off for an hour afterwards? Who cares. I’m loving it. The mere fact that I GET to freeze my ass off is a miracle, really. All this economic recession depression going on around me, and here I am getting to do what?!? It’s awesome!

People always tell me that they go riding when they ‘need to think’. Am I missing something here? I can’t think when I ride. And that’s the whole point. I’m so focused, my mind is blank. Ask me when I get off the bike. I couldn’t tell you… I’d probably be drooling from the corner of my mouth, holding my key in one hand, helmet in the other, with my head cocked to one side, letting out a slow: “Huuuuuh?” I know I’m thinking about something. But I zone. I go somewhere, and all I can equate that to is that it is similar to my mind going blank. I ride not to have to think, and that apparently gives my mind the break it needs to get back within normal operating range and make the body and spirit happy again.

Fuck therapy, been there done that. Expensive as hell and ineffective, too. You’re left fixing your own self anyway, so why bother? Gyroscopic precession and applied physics, balancing centrifugal force against gravity. That’s where it’s at.

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