This Fat Lady gets around!

I don’t know why I’m tickled pink with myself again. Racking up 1K in miles hasn’t been a milestone, well, since around the 5K mark. It just comes way too easy now. But 14K? For some reason it made me pull over, brave the rumble strip at 40mph and take a pic of the odo on the side of I-20W in SC. I remember when I first got her. I think I was still in my first month, maybe 6 weeks at the most. Hubby had forgotten his cell phone at work, so we rode up there on his day off to go get it. While he was in his truck rummaging around for his phone, I sedately sat on my brand-spanking new Hayabusa, all in love, patiently waiting. Three dudes, whom I’ve never met before, didn’t waste any time to make their way across the parking lot to chat me up. One of them was all proud of himself and had to share that he, too, owned a ‘Busa. A 2002 with 2900some miles on it. I smile, then turn the key and crank her up. I point at my odometer, it displayed a four-digit number starting with “29”; I then sweetly state: “I’ve had her for 45 days!” He takes a step back and replies: “Damn!”, pause, then: “I need to ride more!!!” while his friends are laughing at him. Yeah! You’ve just got pwned by a girl. They don’t call me by my license tag for nothing. I have a reputation around these parts. ;o)

14K in 'Busa Miles

The Fat Lady & I finally roll 14K after 248 days together.

One Comment on “This Fat Lady gets around!”

  1. eeee says:

    very nice. congrats on the new mile stone.

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