Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Exploratory Surgery

In order to implement Plan C, we will have to find a way to stick some fork tubes through triple clamp holes, which Suzuki decided we weren’t worth having. Screw you! Let’s see what we have here, so I can figure out whether Dremel the darned things out, take the handicapped clip-on holder to a machine shop and have them enlarge my holes (yeah! I said it!), or just buy a blasted third-party solution to a total Brainfart In Modern Engineering.

Linkage to the entire series:

  1. Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Rider Sag, Free Sag, and Preload
  2. Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Plan ‘A’. Plan ‘B’. Plan ‘C’ It Is.
  3. Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Exploratory Surgery
  4. Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Let’s Go Shopping!
  5. The (preliminary) results: OMG! OMG! OMG! The Fat Lady Can Dance?
  6. Suspension Tuning – Part 1: The Fat Lady’s Got Slammed
  7. Suspension Tuning – Part 1 (Results): There’s a first time for everything…

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