Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Let’s Go Shopping!

We need a few things to put ‘Plan C’ into action and begin twiddling adjusters to hopefully end up with a sweet ridin’ ride. The Fat Lady’s fixing to get it!

Top Triple Clamp:

Gen II Hayabusa Triple Tree Clamp

Black anodized aluminum top triple tree clamp for a Gen II Hayabusa from Exoticycle

I got this puppy since it was the only one I could find that was said not to interfere with the controls clearing the fairings and windscreen and interfering with full lock-to-lock steering. We shall see if that is fact or fiction.

Lowering Links:

Brock's Performance Window Lowering Links

Brock's Performance Window Lowering Links

I opted for these since I wanted something that was fully adjustable and easy to use. I liked the idea of the windows showing available thread left. That’s a pain inna arse as I have discovered when adjusting the angle of my foot levers. 😦 Dog bones are too crude in their adjustment ranges (full 1-inch increments) and are a pain in the arse to adjust, should the need or desire arise. And the other fully adjustable links I’ve looked into didn’t have the windows. I like the windows. Yeah, these puppies are three times the price of dog bones, but I’ll save myself some headaches and a massive amount of cursing later.

Adjustable Kickstand:
And so the newly lowered Fat Lady doesn’t find it necessary to take an asphalt nap in my absence, I got her an adjustable kickstand at McCoy Motorsports (, but I’ll take a pic of that when I get it. The pic in their online store isn’t worth ripping off, it’s so damned ugly.

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3 Comments on “Suspension Tuning – Part 1: Let’s Go Shopping!”

  1. msxxfast says:

    hehe about the Fat Lady taking a nap. I know it sucked 😦 I am sorry. I lowered my CBR when I first got it. But once I started going to the track I realized I needed to raise the CG again to better flick through the turns. I thought I had somewhat conquered the lack of height (mine, of coruse) via a mod to my raceboots (like Fishboots, but bettah) . I brought my SIDIs to the shoe-dude and had him slap on some extra rubber to the soles so I could be a little taller πŸ˜‰ It worked but with the 1″ dogbone on my bike the flick into turn 1 at Fontana was crap. Not to mention the other Ts. However! Since the OEM bone is back on, I am sailing. Well, not as fast as I’d like but damnit I’m full mast! πŸ˜‰

    Love your blog girl!


    • MissBusa says:

      Hehehe… thanks. You’re way ahead of me, girl. My riding just now got good enough to even worry about all that jazz with the suspension setup, and I tell ya, I’d rather ride than learn that… I feel like I’m back in college taking a physics or engineering class. LOL

      Anyhoo…. it’s not like the Fat Lady ever be err.. ‘flickable’ you just can’t teach a fat lady to dance like a skinny chick. ;P We shall see where this takes me… that’s where all that adjustability comes in (I’m trying to think ahead), if I don’t like it’s getting jacked back up…. Taking the Sidis to the shoe-dude… why haven’t I thought of that? Damn! I think I might just do that. =D I love my Sidis… but damn if they don’t make me feel like a short shit…

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