Fat Lady Pixels

I suppose I need to take a few quick shots, to show off her new Bling Bling:

3 Comments on “Fat Lady Pixels”

  1. Marianne says:

    “Totally girly, totally” 😉 hehehe LOVE IT!

    • MissBusa says:

      Thank you, thank you. 🙂

      I want peeps to know that a chick is ridin’ that beyotch when she’s parked somewheres. That’s right… girl onna ‘Busa… girl onna ‘Busa!!! Hahaha… But I do need it to say ‘badass’ more than ‘princess’. I had someone yell that across a parking lot at a gas station once. 😉 Real loud… “Holy shit! That’s a girl on that ‘Busa! DAY-AMM! That’s a fuckin’ girl on THAT ‘BUSA!” Was so embarrassing, but made me proud. =D

  2. Love the pictures. “Keep flying low”

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