The Hayabusa Is Just A Cry For Help!

I must be looking kind of desperate, forlorn, and lost while I’m sitting sedately on my white ‘Busa, minding my own gas cap and getting some 93-Octane premium to turn into forward velocity. I notice this white car slowly pulling up beside me. No big deal, this happened before… some dude wanting to tell me how much he likes my bike, or take a pic of me with his phone or just tell me that he too rides a ‘Busa or some such thing. So I almost drop my nozzle when he pulls up next to me and hands me a little slip of paper while telling me: “Take this, honey, and stick it in your pocket you may be needing it tonight.” I take the folded paper, and with a glance I recognize the accusing words printed upon the half that is facing up: “If You Died Today…”, I recognize it for what it is. I’ve seen these before. I somewhat blankly look at him and reply rather flatly: “Well,…” a brief pause, then: “…thanks…”, trailing off. I guess. I’m too flabbergasted to serve up some awesomely funny one-liner in retort or give him a piece of my mind, not that I would have argued the point anyway. I find it best to go with the flow when it comes to people of the religious persuasion. Anyway, he pulls away (his job here is done) and I shove the thing into my jacket pocket so I can finish fuelling. I sit there for a minute and I can’t believe what I had just heard. I must be looking rather badass tonight, or my aura is of the ‘soon to be dead’ color. Hmmm… I wonder if he saw me ride?!? Nah, I wasn’t doing anything supremely squidly tonight, after all I have slightly new geometry to get used to. Maybe the Hayabusa just looks like a suicide machine, or maybe her newly lowered ass really makes her faster than a pack of Imps on their way to… where exactly!?! What are those little demons up to anyway? The girly skulls on the side probably didn’t help… and the pink skull & crossbones kitty with the No. 13 in the middle pretty much sealed the deal. Dressed all in black, on my white horse, I suppose I could be mistaken for one of the Reaper’s minions, but the butterflies on the Shoei really mess with the image…

The audacity, though, especially considering what he said when he gave a girl on a motorcycle a pamphlet that starts off with: “If You Died Today would you go to HEAVEN?” Welcome to hell. My soul doesn’t need saving, thank you very much, but I appreciate the vote of badassery. Now, excuse me while I go practice some more, because apparently my riding skills are slipping into the ‘soon-to-be-dead’ level.

Protestant Propaganda

A girl needs to know where she's gonna go after she breaks the sound barrier on a Hayabusa and doesn't land it... ;P

To answer the question: If I died today (on my bike), I would be dying doing what I love doing, doing what I’m passionate about, doing what makes me feel ALIVE and I probably had a fucking blast up to the point of impact. Now go tend to your flock, because this chica isn’t going to die today. Because today is not a good day to die. Besides, I’m Catholic. 😉

10 Comments on “The Hayabusa Is Just A Cry For Help!”

  1. Manx says:

    What? You’re catholic? I wanna divorce!

  2. joon says:

    Rides a Busa AND Catholic. *KEEPER*

    • MissBusa says:

      I thought I followed you on Twitter… but you’re not in my list anymore… ick… Now I know why you’ve been so quiet. LOL I’m going to send you another request. :/ You must have fallen victim to one of my late-night pruning runs… ooops…

  3. E says:

    Next time that happens, you wont be so shocked and can dish out a witty remark!

    • MissBusa says:

      LOL Man, the audacity to assume that I wasn’t “saved”. Not even the benefit of a “Do you know Jesus?” I mean really! Hahaha. I should have told him: “Are you sure you want me to wait? I mean I could kill myself on the way home. In which case my hell-bound soul’s blood is on your hands because you told me to stick it rather than read it right away!”

  4. BRUSA says:

    The hold thing cracked me up! At first I didn’t know what to think then I just LMAO. Where do some people get off passing judgment? I do believe if you shake this guys closet your going to find all kinds of trash that he would not want people to know. I’ve found that these types that judge other often suffer from some sore of guilt complex of their own.

    All of us, if this person would truly observe in his reading of the Bible, have sin and fallen short. So judge not or be judge. Love your writing style! Your good!

  5. HEATHER says:

    I don’t see this as passing judgment at all, the man was just doing his part as a christian to make sure you were saved and on your way to HEAVEN, it shows that some out in the world still care about other people’s souls it’s better to give out a flier to someone who is saved or already believes in JESUS than to not hand it out and someone die and go to HELL sayin nobody cared or took the time to try and show them JESUS. But everybody has their own opinion….

    • Miss Busa says:

      I agree with you. The man was doing what was in his heart. Good for him. However, I could have done without the “honey”and the death spiel. I was taken aback by his approach not by his message. A friendly “do you know Jesus?” or a “are you saved?” would have done a heck of a lot more good. We may have even had coffee and a theological talk. But, no. He has to come pulling up in his chariot like a Harbinger of Doom. Meh.

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