That’s it! I’m arming myself with marshmallows!

WARNING: The profanity-per-word ratio in the following post is way above average (even for me). You have been warned. There’s liberal and generous use of the f-bomb and various other of my favorite swear words are excessively employed. Also, superior use of name-calling. You have been warned.


Good gawd! What the hell is wrong with people? I mean really? Who the fuck died and made YOU so important? Take the cell phone outta your ear and shove it up your ass, you’d probably drive better… I swear!… so I make a left turn onto the I-520 on-ramp, I have a green arrow, when this right-turning car decides that he absolutely positively HAS to be in front of me, so he guns it to stick his rear bumper square into my path of travel. Nothing to it, I have the left lane, so I swerve over. He then neglects (or forgets) to get on the damn gas, so he’s creeping up the ramp at a cozy 35mph. WTF? DUDE! What part of ACCELERATION ramp do you not understand?!? Fuck this, I’m not in the lane that ends shortly, so when I twist the wrist to get around, he decides that he’s not gonna have none of that and speeds up. Fuck you! I rip it open and proceed to fish-tail that puppy at 9K RPM in first gear all the way past him and then some. One angry upshift later I finally get that shit back under control. Damn! Cold tires. Ooops…. forgot about that. Shit, now I’m mad, because (as much fun as that is) I now left about 1,000 miles worth of rubber on the damn ramp, because of this stupid idiot. Shit or get off the pot, man! I get up to the dashed white line and it’s busy as hell up there. Freakin’ more slowasses who don’t know what ‘accelerate to the speed of traffic’ actually means, and merging is a bit of a challenge for most of the bunch. I’m pissed off now. I got this ‘tard behind me catching up and a cluster fuck of Cracker Jack License owning assholes to the front. These fuckers are everywhere! Fuck this! I’m outta here! A little bit of creative riding, and a few semi-lanesplits later, I’m doing about 100 in a 55, and am clear of the sheet metal retard party. I settle back into speed limit +7 and am starting to feel calm again.

Then I get cold… what the heck is going on here? I reach for the temp controller that’s hanging off the left side of my mil-spec vest and fiddle with the knob. Shit. It’s on its max setting, isn’t it? I can’t tell. I lift it and hold it up where I can see it in my mirror. The light’s on, which way to turn it? Crap. I think it’s upside down. It takes me three more miles of fiddling until I finally got it figured out, but my fingers are already getting chilled. Shit. Gawd! I’m really not in the mood for this. I’ve had a day of getting my ass kicked at work, I’m dehydrated, hungry, and have a headache coming on. I’ve been going pretty much non-stop for the past 2.5 hours and I’m drained. 12-hour days are shit anyway, what I need is site traffic to pick up at the gate when I’m by myself, already brain-dead from a long day, bouncing around like a mad woman… arrrrgh. What else?

Then some asshole flicks a burning cigarette butt out the window which bounces off The Fat Lady’s nose fairing and disappears into the night behind me. *sigh* If I had a buck for every time that happened, I probably could buy ‘Judge Dredd’ on Blu-Ray. Inconsiderate basturds!

I’m getting to a busy part of I-520 again, traffic is getting denser and I get stuck behind this assclown pacing somebody in the right lane. Pass or no pass, get the fuck out of my way, you’re the reason all these jokers behind me are so impatient and driving shittier than they already are. Suddenly my visor gets wet. What the hell? Rain? No way, what… no… something isn’t right here… this is different… water spray? Nope, roads aren’t wet. Where the hell is this coming fro…. no you didn’t! No you didn’t just fucking throw some liquid out your damn window, you lousy son of a three-titty whore! Holy fuckeroo!!!! I’m covered in some clear crap, I will be spending the next five miles trying to identify…. fuck, I hope this is Sprite or something. Shit… what the hell. it doesn’t smell like Sprite… it’s slightly tacky… OMG! Don’t think about it too hard. Just don’t think ABOUT IT! Now I’m double-pissed…. I pass the Liquid Bomber on the left, and high-tail it out of there. At this point I really don’t give a shit about High Performance Awards or the Popo, all I want to do is get the fuck away from these morons on four wheels.

Ah… the cloverleaf ramp onto Gordon Highway… finally I can get away from this chaos and exchange it for a chaos of a different kind. I’m in 2nd gear, behind a car, I keep my distance, but when he decides to just slam on the brake right at the point where the ramp tightens up on itself, I get to practice hard braking while leaned over. Ah, fuck this! I straighten her up, slam on the brakes, and a wobble and several f-bombs later, I’m creeping up the ramp going what? Like 15 mph? Screw this. When we get to the top, we have another merge situation. I’m catching it today on EVERY fucking ramp!!!! What institution armed their patients with licenses and opened up their gates to let these idiots play in traffic? I had it, twistie-twist, I pass the asshole on the right, because I have no intention to mingle with all those rolling speed bumps at the merge point. I cut him off and am gone. I briefly wonder if I’m gonna hear about this at the next red light. Fuck it. He made me do a brake test. He’ll get an earful, I’ve already decided. Think the dude in ‘The Fugitive’: I’ve had a really bad day!

I finally made it home, sticky wet, but pretty calm again. It’s beer time. I need some chillaxation.


24 Hours Later…

7 Comments on “That’s it! I’m arming myself with marshmallows!”

  1. Buks Saayman says:

    Gosh, sounds like you had a terrible ordeal. I sometimes wish people driving cars could get a taste of what it’s like on a bike, driving behind an idiot driver. Stay safe.

  2. Wanderlust says:

    I found your blog while looking for a Healtech X-TRE for my Connie (which may be a bloody fat thing compared to your Busa but I want to give the ZX mill a turbo one day).

    Loved the rant. I commute from Melbourne (the one down under) to my house 30 miles away each day, and yes, cagers are idiots.

    I think I’m in love – at least with your blog lol…


  3. Manx says:

    Wow, rant away. BTW Wanderlust, you’re not the first Connie owner to love this gal, I married her. Love my Connie too.

    • MissBusa says:

      I thought you weren’t gonna come on here and read my stuff… ah, and no… you can’t have my key!!!! ;P

    • Wanderlust says:

      Yeah, saw the burgundy Connie in the pics below lol. Love the blog, and envy the fact that you are married to a pistol of a girl.

      Re the Connie, mine’s a 2009. I got the MC Cruise Control unit for the bike shortly after I first bought it (back in October) and it’s to die for (incidentally, the guy who runs that company is based here in Melbourne, so I had the unit installed by him). Can’t find the X-TRE for the Connie – will call the mfg tomorrow but am not holding out any hope, so I’ll probably have to install the GiPro ATRE instead. I have read rave reviews on it.

      Next up, a dual exhaust from Muzzy. If you have way too much time on your hands, someone has shoehorned a ZX-14 stock dual exhaust onto a Connie, and they had to shim both kickstand and centerstand for it to work. I don’t want those two riding low, so I’ll fork over the dough for a custom-built system. Muzzy has a good sound too.

      The only other farkle of note is the Garmin Zumo 660. Perfect mount between the risers, and the unit is detachable so you can lock it when off the bike.

      BTW so when is she gonna put a Mr. Turbo system on the Fat Lady? 🙂 10psi boost should be good for going into warp…

  4. E says:

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