TGIF! Why Are You Happy?

I typed this up in the ‘We Ride’ forum, because that’s what we do there… and I thought to myself that this is good enough to share on my blog, because as I was typing it I got that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I came to realize that I have it pretty damned good, all things considered. And that alone makes me smile on the inside, too. Too often do I forget that and get mired in the dark hole and feel like shit and all depressed, because the weather sucks and we don’t get enough full-spectrum light. Yeah, here it goes:

I am happy…. well, let me think on that for a moment. I have to go to work tonight after my 7-day weekend, and I never feel up to it, and it’s raining like crazy, so I’m going to get drenched on the way to work and just to rub it in the weather will be good until I’m off, then it turns to low 40s rainy crap weather again. Then the ENTIRE weekend it’s gonna be sunny and in the high 50s… guess what? I have to freakin’ work!!!!! So why am I happy? I suppose there’s the fact that I have a job, can moan and groan about the dang weather because I’m lucky enough to own a bike. Well, crap. Winter time is too depressing… and the few days of reprieve we get don’t quite hold you over…. so let me put on my big girl badass biker chica leather pants and say this:

I’d like to have a problem like that, and I do.

Oh, and I just remembered I get to meet Kevin Schwantz in person come June…. won’t get here soon enough. That dude’s one expensive date, too. What an awesome BDay gift. I suppose I’m finding my TGIF happiness now, because I have a hubby that supports me 100% rather than having to worry about him giving me crap about stuff because he rides differently. I’ve read a lot of complaints along those lines from women online… they don’t ride hard enough for their hubbies, don’t learn fast enough, are too slow, too fast, ride too hard, too whatever. So I’m glad I have a husband who lets me do my thing and I can happily let him do his, unless he’s dragging his size 11s through a turn, hanging five on the inside peg… then it’s off… šŸ˜‰ I’m lucky I only catch crap from (mostly) women whose opinions don’t matter jack anyway. Jealous wenches! Yeah, I have an awesome partner in crime. He makes me smile, he’ll buy me tire warmers if I ask him nicely and be my one-man pit crew and track photographer… *giggles* yeah, it’s that good… now about that S1000RR… we’ll talk about that next Friday. =D

Yeah, all things considered I should be and am pretty damned happy.

4 Comments on “TGIF! Why Are You Happy?”

  1. Manx says:

    You make me smile, I love you more than u can know. You still can’t have my bud light or the s1000rr

    • MissBusa says:

      Bud Light? Who would want that? Shouldn’t even call that swill beer… really. How about some Warsteiner? Now, about that ‘love’ thing…. doesn’t the saying go ‘if you love someone set them free?’ …and if they come back to you… on a Hayabusa they probably need gas money? I love you, too… but (this) woman’s enduring deep and unconditional love is through a BMW crotch rocket in green…green… is your favorite color, no? ā¤ You could always trade your Connie in. You know, take one for the team. *bats eyelashes innocently*

  2. Manx says:

    Keep on batting them pretty eyelashes, you aren’t talking me into trading MY bike, you trade yours in!

  3. MissBusa says:

    Dang, it! Guess I wore that one out when I got you to buy me a Hayabusa. =P

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