To Be Coronated A Trailer Queen: The ‘Busa Hauler

Hubby’s finally got himself a vehicle he can feel like a man in. *grunt, snort, fart* No more sissy gay jokes about him cruising down the boulevard in a tree-hugging chick car. Introducing: The ‘Busa Hauler, a 2010 Toyota Tundra V8 XPSomesuchthing blah blah blah…. automatic, the dude couldn’t even do this German girl the favor of a manual 6-speed. Oh, I tried, we almost had a fist fight in the Prius on the way to the dealership over the transmission preference. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No, not really, but I did call him a ‘hole and a ‘tard on several occasions.

Oh well… now he’s looking at bike trailers and tailgate ramps. Mind you, this is “strictly for getting me to track days and the drag strip”… according to him, but I know what’s coming, this is just Step One in his evil plan to go pull some sort of camper in the future…. blech!

The Fat Lady

Say what?!? Put this...

Hubby's new man toy. here?!?

Now that we got rid of the Prius, I am proud to announce that we will not be mistaken for tree huggers any longer, our family now has a humongous carbon footprint. The greenest vehicle we own is a ….wait for it…. wait for it…. 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa in A-Mode when you ride it like you stole it. Yeah, we’re environmentally conscious.

Oh, and I’m also getting him another personalized tag, this one shall read “PITCRW” =D Just so he’ll remember that the camper thing ain’t gonna happen. Hahahahaaaaa…. The Hyatt does me just fine, thank you very much. Because if I live in a trailer, it better have my name on the door adorned with a little five-pointed star, and there better be groupies in the form of young, hot Italian boys. Just sayin’. Further, I prefer to R-I-D-E to Point B!

If I hear any funny stuff from ANYbody… I’m going to knock heads. *stomps foot and crosses arms in front of her chest* As of now, The Fat Lady is still a princess. I’m sure there will be video of the first time Miss Busa tries to ride up a ramp and land one in a truck bed. Ha! YouTube fame in the making right there…

9 Comments on “To Be Coronated A Trailer Queen: The ‘Busa Hauler”

  1. msxxfast says:

    “Now that we got rid of the Prius, I am proud to announce that we will not be mistaken for tree huggers any longer, our family now has a humongous carbon footprint. The greenest vehicle we own is a ….wait for it…. wait for it…. 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa in A-Mode when you ride it like you stole it. Yeah, we’re environmentally conscious.”

    I facking LOVE IT!!!!

    I also love the truck, I wish I could get one of those. My little 2 seater is extremely inconvenient. Not to mention if I sold it I wouuld lose 2/3 of it’s initial value. So I am stuck with it.

    • MissBusa says:

      Heheheeee… we do what we can. =D We got an awesome deal on that thing, well HE did. But we also took a huge hit on the Prius, to get out of the lease, but our situation has changed and we would have been in deep ScheiรŸe later on with the lease anyhoo, so best to jump ship before the boat goes Titanic on us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I totally understand the being stuck thing… but there’s worse things in life than being stuck with some two-seater hotrod (which I’m sure you have) Miss Extra-Extra Extremely Fast. 8)

      Chicks on speed! (velocity NOT synthetic) Gotta luv it! Uh-huh. Yeah. Fo sho!

  2. Wanderlust says:

    I had a good laugh when I read this post.

    Why, she asks?


    All p*ssy jokes about Priuses aside (yes, I admit renting one a few times when I was on business trips just the see what the eco-crap was about), that truck – a good Man’s Truck, now that GM has gone over to the Dark Side and become Government Motors – is practically ***screaming*** for a fifth wheel trailer.

    A *massive* one.


    Prediction: hubby will extol the virtues of towing the ‘Busa behind the trailer


    Now in all seriousness, if hubby intends to keep that truck for a long time, he should consider putting Gulf Coast Filters (GCF) on everything: oil, fuel, antifreeze, and tranny oil. They will make that engine and powertrain last forever (filtration down to 0.5 micron). The guy who owns the company, Jerry Sims, installed that configuration on an F350 several years ago. The same company puts large versions of them on industrial applications. I first learned of the company when I was working for Halter Marine (used to be headquartered in Gulfport, MS, where GCF is) and one was installed on a ferry boat built by Halter for the city of Corpus Christi, TX named the Robert H. Dedman.

    If he wants to know more, tell him to email me. And no, standard disclaimer, I’m not making a dime, I just love what the stuff does for engines. I had one on my Avalon before I left the States, and didn’t have to change the oil in over 60,000 miles.


    • MissBusa says:

      You are sooo not helping. LOL I’m thinking about hiding this from him, hahaha…. no seriously, thank you for the info, I will pass it along about the GCFs anyway…

      *finishes watching mental video clip* Tundra hauling a FREAKIN’ HUGE 5th-wheel camper hauling a ‘Busa, hauling a Connie… we’ll look like a bunch of circus freaks. No, gypsies… like a bunch of gypsies rollin’ down the road with our 60K GCF filters, still on our first quart of oil, dreary-eyed, smelly, and hungover…. but looking good with all matching paint jobs we got with the money we saved on oil changes and other miscellaneous PM we skipped… well… crap… I’m takin’ this image waaaaay tooo far… I’m going to bed, I was half-asleep when I clicked that link. I might delete this comment tomorrow… all depends on whether it makes sense or not or is at least a little bit funny or something… *yawn*

  3. Wanderlust says:

    Ah, you’ll only look like circus freaks if hubby has a weird paint detail scheme done to the trailer. You *know* he’s gonna want one.

    When I was involved with GCF (did some consulting with them back in 1998 on the side) they were testing their industrial size filter on a Peterbilt semi running a Cummins 379 six. That unit ended up going over one million miles on two oil changes, neither of which were necessary (by comparison, typical semi engine requires complete teardown and rebuild at 400,000 miles). Oil was tested by Shell at the million mile mark and engine was torn down and pistons were mic’ed, showing only a tiny bit of wear.

    Key thing is if you guys intend on keeping the truck for a long time or not. I checked GCF’s site and had one detail off; it’s an F250. He’s now got about 375,000 miles on it with no oil changes and the work was done nine years ago.

    I was so into that stuff afterwards that whenever I went to an auto show, I was under the hood of every single vehicle looking for how the filters could be installed lol…told you I was into everything.

    When I get to my new job in a couple weeks, I am contemplating leasing a ragtop (would be my first convertible). I’ll think of you guys emerging somewhere in the north GA park system, smelly, hungover, in a FREAKIN’ HUGE ostentatiously detailed fifth-wheeled trailer that would be right at home in any NASCAR infield…(giggling like Beavis & Butthead at that image)

    • Wanderlust says:

      One other thing. When I had the small filter installed on my Avalon, avg fuel mileage went up by 1.5 mpg. The reason for the efficiency gain there was because of reduced friction thanks to having almost no hydrocarbon crap in the oil to scour the pistons.

      Another way to increase engine life and PMs is to convert to LPG fuel (dual fuel gasoline/LPG). Added bonus to that is not having to worry if you ever run the engine in an enclosed space, because CO emissions are almost nothing with LPG compared to gasoline.

      Ok, geek crap off…it’s after 1am here and I am for bed, trailer kid…

    • MissBusa says:

      NASCAR??? Ok, that’s it, buddy!!!! We are so gonna have words now. LOL *puts on appropriate footwear and cracks her knuckles* ;P

      • Wanderlust says:

        Yep, NASCAR, complete with “chickin’ wangs”, “chewin’ terbaccy”, and horribly distended beer guts (see also, the “People of Wal-Mart” website lol)…all hanging out in their trailers in the infield of racetracks in Atlanta, Charlotte, etc.

        “Aw, it ain’t so bad, honey…we’ll have fun! Gimme ‘nother beer, willya?”

        • MissBusa says:

          I had nightmares about that comment, thank you very much. And whatever happened to right turns anyway? I mean lefts ARE more fun, but damn… shake it up a little.

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