Found it! The Lost Groove

I’ve had the best weekend in a long time!!!! It was glorious. Sunny, calm, in the lower 60s and we were out riding. 160 miles of two-wheel therapy. I don’t know if it is the weather, or my newfound acceptance of the level of riding skill improvement I can safely do on the streets without being a complete squid. Being squidly can be fun, but being a SQUID (full-time, professional) is just not something I strive for or want to be labeled as (by the peeps whose opinion matters). Even though in certain circles I’m sure they have a betting spreadsheet on how long I’m gonna make it before I kill myself… screw ’em, they’re just jealous because they can’t ride worth a shit. They don’t know jack (nor do they know me)… but that’s off the subject here anyway… even though I’m just in the mood to go on a good liberating rant! LOL I really do think I have made peace with the realization that I have reached a milestone in my street riding and I’m fine with that. And once I’ve finally let go of the idea of having to improve something constantly, I could enjoy the ride again, for the ride’s sake. Hell, we even played in downtown rush hour traffic, and I didn’t get pissed off, even though my clutch hand started to really get tired. πŸ˜‰ I think I have my head on straight again and with that a lot of stuff has been cleared out of my head, that didn’t need to be there anymore. Freed up a LOT of mental power right there, I’m relaxed again, I have time to observe, rather than execute, and with that attitude I at least can enjoy the dance with a smile, rather than working on the step pattern with the stern look of concentration. It flows again, like it should, like it has before. The Fat Lady and I are BFFs again… finally. And I noticed something else. My u-turns are a hell of a lot tighter than they have been and those evil, vile things are starting to be kind of fun, too. OMG! You know, I’ve reached a new level in my riding, you just don’t know… the venerable u-turn is Miss Busa’s Kryptonite… but I tell you what, mine are still a heck of a lot better than some I’ve seen done around the local bike nights. πŸ˜‰ And yes, TaildManx, to me there IS shame in waddle walking! *giggles* I should get to level up, just for that alone. Riding feels sexy again. Hells yeah! Watch out! Miss Busa’s found her groove. I’m baaaaaaaack! Now I have time to work out the little kinks and enjoy doing it, rather than feeling like I’ve regressed in some weird way and hating it. I’m human. I’m a n00b. I’m a n00b on a freakin’ ‘Busa. I get to have kinks, damn you! =D *spoken to my perfectionist self*

P.S. And if you drag your freakin’ feet down the road under two miles per hour, I don’t wanna hear your shit, because I’ll show you how it’s done when I pass yer showing-off ass on the Riverwatch. =D Just sayin’.

Yeah. I still got it when I need it. I am so ready for the riding season to kick off.

P.P.S. I have NEVER popped a wheelie on purpose. Pinky swear. Now, why don’t people believe me?!? You’re gonna get me in trouble with hubby who vowed to take my ‘Busa key if he ever catches me doing wheelies (on purpose).

Gawd! I’m all giddy inside, still… Life, again, is good. And this geek is one happy rocket jockey.

P.P.P.S. And what is it with the “How fast have you had it?” question anyway? Why do you care how fast I’ve had it, unless you’re holding a radar gun and then you probably know the answer to that one already and I just plea the silence of the fifth. I think I’m going to start answering that one with: “42.”

“Do you know how fast you were going, ma’am?” – “42.”
“What’s the fastest you’ve ever ridden it?” – “42.”
“What’s the top speed on this monster?” – “Stock or unrestricted?” – “Err…. unrestricted, I guess.” – “42.”
“How fast WERE you going when you passed me back there?” – “142.” – “Awesome! You married?” – “42.”

Maybe I should work on this… ;P

The Gang on 520

The Gang on I520E: Miss Busa running Bandit, Lappy in the middle and Manx's Connie bringing up the rear to pick up parts that fall off the Hog. =D

2 Comments on “Found it! The Lost Groove”

  1. Eleah says:

    Aww this entry made me smile. πŸ˜€ I am jealous of your u-turning capabilities.. though I’d imagine it is tough on a Busa. Hector has a different front end (off a slightly newer and different model ZX6) and it shoves the handlesbars into the tank all the time.. irritating. im stuck waddle walking.

    • MissBusa says:

      That can’t be good, girl. :/ I can’t go lock to lock without banging something together either, so I took the dash panels off to get more clearance, so I can leave my levers adjusted to my hands rather than coping with the clearance problem but having sore wrists, which are just now healed up from last summer. 😦 I love my Pazzo levers (because they fit my hands) and I’m not giving them up, screw the dash panels. LOL Would longer clip-ons or adjusting fork height make a diff for you?

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