Crashed: Visiting The Fat Lady

Has The Fat Lady Sung (Her Last Aria)?


The day after my crash I dragged my sore self out of bed and made the phone call to the insurance company to report my ‘occurrence’. No, I did not have an accident. I had an ‘occurrence’.  I numbed the pain that had now spread pretty much all over my body with the prescribed pharmaceuticals and had Joe take me to visit the Fat Lady at the place she currently calls home. We checked in and on the way to the bike we were intercepted by a dude in a paint booth suit. “I know who you are. You own that Hayabusa they brought in last night.” I nod in agreement and tell him that he is correct in his assumption. He proceeds to tell us how he owns a 2002 Hayabusa and is going back and forth on the idea of selling it and further states, that when he spotted my ‘Busa he had to go take a look. He said that as he came up on her from the back, she didn’t look so bad, but once he circled around, he said: “Holy shit, I’m selling my bike. I’m done.” I laugh. He says that a few hours later he had changed his mind back to: “Hell no, I can’t get rid of my bike.” I told him that if I were him I wouldn’t sell. Yeah, he agrees, he can’t be without his bike. He escorts us to The Fat Lady’s parking spot and we shoot the bull while I’m checking my girl out. OMG! She’s a mess. Poor baby! I did that to her, shame on me!

It was not my foot peg I dragged, it was my tailpipe. My Gilles rearsets are in perfect condition. I conclude that this happened due to my lowering the Hayabusa by approximately 1.25 inches. I would have never dreamed possible that I was running out of cornering clearance. I didn’t think I was THAT aggressive in the corners. Thinking back on it, though, my husband has told me that he thought I would drag tailpipe before I ever got a knee on the ground and that I came pretty close to dragging said pipes a few times when we played in the twisties around Helen, GA. Apparently, he was right. I’m almost positive, had I worn my leathers that left knee puck would have lost its virginity right then and there and I may have conserved that little bit of extra clearance that the bike needed to take that turn. I still don’t know how fast I was going, I estimate around 35-40 mph, but that’s pure conjecture at this point.

Also, now that I finally had occasion to test out my frame sliders, I highly recommend LSL Crash Pads, those things do their job, and do it well. The bike never spun, but kept sliding in a straight trajectory just like the sliders were designed to make it happen, even though it seemed to have flipped twice side-to-side. The damage on the fairings is mostly caused by impacting the curb and sliding along it. Had this been on flat ground, like a track, they would have saved me a LOT of money. I’m getting them again. Definitely. Who knows, they may even be the reason my bike won’t be totaled, due to saving the frame. We shall know in a few days.

Preliminary Damage Report:

  • Every single piece of plastics is toast and needs to be replaced (except for the upper instrument panel cover, it’s safely at home in a bag)
  • Frame slider crash pads and skid puck need to be replaced
  • Both mirrors
  • Both front master cylinders
  • Both front levers are busted
  • Left side controls are shot
  • Both rims are shot
  • Both tires are done for
  • Both cans are done
  • Right-side heat shield needs replacing
  • Tank is busted up
  • Windshield is trashed (however, the stock one is at home, but who wants to put that back on?)
  • Steering stabilizer is loose
  • Spools are crap
  • Stator cover is marred
  • The hump cannot be opened, it is stuck shut, so I can’t get the ‘junk outta my trunk’

I forgot to check her out underneath. Not a clue if the exhaust is intact or not. The frame seems in good shape, and so do the forks, but that doesn’t really mean a thing. Now the waiting starts. If you asked me if I would favor the outcome of ‘totaled’ over ‘repairable’, I couldn’t tell you which one I’d wish for. I love the ‘Busa. I dig it. It fits me. But apparently, my riding style has evolved into ‘proper sportbike’ territory. I still don’t know if I’d get an S1oooRR or another ‘Busa, if The Fat Lady has sung her last aria.

I’m still sticking to it: I’m 90% safety-conscious. 10% all squid, no crab. =D And I have to admit it to myself, even though I love the Hayabusa… a LOT, she is probably not the right bike for me (can anyone say BMW S1000RR?), the way I corner and love the curves, especially if they’re in rapid succession. And as much as I hate to do it, if she is determined repairable, I’ll have to return her to stock height to accommodate said need for cornering clearance, even if I have to tiptoe her in my race boots. Further, if the entire exhaust system is shot from header pipes to cans, I’m getting something else put on, from the start and pay the shop the difference. Those stockers have got to go. I’m getting myself a shorty single. That should further solve the clearance problem. Even if I am blowing through town at a 103dB. Or maybe some Yoshis instead of the Brock’s.

3 Comments on “Crashed: Visiting The Fat Lady”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    I doubt they will determine her “repairable”. From my time in repair shops over the years….a bike that would come in that “BUSTED” is totaled. Cool beans on the frame! Dang, never heard of those sliders your talking about…I’ll be google-ing for information and I will be reading up on those babies…

    Sorry, I don’t know how I let it slip RE: Pinky broke… I do remember you talking about it in the first revelation…

    I won’t be surprised if your exhaust bracket needs replacing…if it hit the curb…I’m so frickin impressed with your description of those dang sliders….weeee hooo.

    • MissBusa says:

      My husband just told me that him and dude had discussed the exhaust pipes, and they both agreed that it looked like it was bent. And looking at the ‘impact damage on the right side’ piccie, you can see that the pipes underneath definitely have a big dent in them. I doesn’t look good on that front either. It’s looking more and more in favor of ‘totaled’. I really don’t know how to feel about that… *sighs*

      Those sliders…. damn, I almost didn’t buy them, because their design was so alien to me, they didn’t look like nothing I’ve ever seen bolted to the frame of a rocket. But I decided to give them a try. And from what I’ve heard about ‘old school’ sliders and now with my own hands-on experience, I have to say, I’m impressed and glad I’ve decided to give them a try. I wonder if LSL will send me a pair ‘on the house’ if I write them a review. LOL

  2. Marianne says:

    That Busa is totaled. Sorry honey. Actually I am not completely sorry. NEW BIKE!! BUT, all that work 😦 That is going to suck having to change everything back to how you like it. That, my dear, I am sorry for 😦

    BTW from your recommendation and description, I am getting the LSL Crash Pads for my track bike. Not my Honda, but my future R6 I am putting together. You should really ask them for a replacement product by sending in your pic and review and the fact that I am quite sure people will be buying them because of you and your post. I didn’t even know they existed, I refused to get sliders because I thought only those huge protruding sliders were available on the market. Then I saw your blog article and how effective the LSL Crash Pads were when under conditions for which they were manufactured. But also how non-invasive their mounting and appearance is. You convinced me to buy them! I think you should get a replacement set on the house!

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