Crashed: Pinky & the Drain

Broken Pinky

Broken Pinky: All splinted up and nowhere (or nothing) to ride...

I had called my service department to let them know to expect delivery of one busted up Hayabusa on Saturday. We are kicking around the local rocket shop to see if there’s anything that strikes my fancy in case The Fat Lady is pronounced dead on arrival. I listen to my VM in the parking lot and am told to call the ER back and ask for the Charts Nurse, so I do. I am told that I need to come back in, since the last bone of my left pinky is broken and they need to splint it. Screw that, I want to look at bikes first, so we go in. Of course, my hubby wastes no time to tell everybody that his wife done wrecked her Hayabusa. Doug, our regular sales person, wastes no time to tell me that it’s time for me to “get off the sport tourer and onto a real sport bike”. Geez, people… do I have that bad of a reputation? Calling the ‘Busa a sport tourer is just plain wrong. It’s a hypersport, thank you very much. Hell, call her a drag bike, call her anything, just not a sport tourer. Damn! LOL They only have two models I’m even remotely interested in. The Honda CBR1000RR and the Kawasaki ZX10. The Honda sits and feels better, but for that price tag I’m looking at a BMW S1000RR with RaceABS and DTC. So the CBR is out. I don’t really like how the ZX10 feels. I can’t really explain what it is about the Kawi that makes it feel off. It’s the same with the ZX14, it’s too upright, too far to reach, which is weird, since it is not; I have plenty of bend in my elbows, it just feels too far. I think it’s more of a feeling of sitting ON the bike rather than IN it. On my ‘Busa I have a choice: I can sit on it for long trips, I can sit in it when I’m getting serious. I suppose that’s what my problem with the ZX10 is. I feel plopped on, rather than being part of the machine. Not to mention that all these bikes feel like bicycles to me. The clip-ons are too narrow, they feel too light, too skinny, too insubstantial. But I suppose that’s to be expected when you come from a H-D Sportster 1200 Low (which is a top-heavy clunky porker) and then a Hayabusa. I haven’t parked my bum on neither the Yamaha R1 or the Suzuki GSX-R1000. I really dig the Ducati 1198S, but that bike is about 7K outside my price range. However, it is one hot Italian mutha! Yes ma’am!

I don’t have gap insurance, so I’m guesstimating that I’ll be 2-3K in the hole if they total my baby, depending on how much money they’re willing to part with; plus the 1K deductible. That sucks… but hey, I have a 5-year extended warranty plan. Woooohoooo! I have a test ride scheduled with a Beemer dealer in Greenville, SC on April 6th (that’s the earliest I can make it up there without having to go by myself). It’s looking more towards ‘totaled’ than it is ‘fixable’, according to the scuttlebutt at the shop. Financially, it would be better for me if the verdict is ‘fixable’. If it is ‘totaled’, the smart thing to do (again financially) is to get another ‘Busa (so I can put all my extras back on), since the only aftermarket parts that are damaged are the Pazzo Racing levers and the RAM mount for my GPS (which I have a spare part for to repair it). However, I really have a errr… bad case of the drooling lusties for the S1000RR, even if it means I’ll have to do 224 miles round-trip to get it serviced and have to do the minor things myself. Of course, the ZX10s would be the only viable choice, because I could pretty much have one of those for my deductible. Fugg me! I don’t really want anything other than either my Hayabusa back or the S1000RR, even if it’s financially irresponsible. 😦 I’d rather cancel my slot in the Kevin Schwantz School this June than get stuck with a bike I really don’t want and won’t be happy with. ARRRRRGH! But damnit, any bike is better than no bike at all, if it really came down to it.

I spend the next four hours sitting in the ER to get my broken pinky splinted,  a 3-minute procedure, which my hubby could have done himself. I also saw three different people for it. Wow! The inefficiency of bureaucracy in action. Their hospital administration needs to think about a little something called ‘streamlining’.

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