Miss Busa’s AWOL! Arr! Arr!

Excuse me while I make up for the 24 days I had to endure without being able to throw a leg over something on two wheels and ride it like there’s no tomorrow.

Miss Busa is currently too busy getting through the break-in period on her 2010 BMW S1000RR. That’s right. This girl used to get around on a Hayabusa, but she’s now rollin’ with the pirates. “Where’s me rum, matey?!?”

I have lots of catching up to do on this blog. I swear, I’m on it (the blog, not the S1000RR, well, you know)… but first I RIDE!!!! Then there’s Hell Week, which is upon me yet AGAIN! But I have a Beemer payment to make, so I suppose I’ll park the thing right outside my window to help me through the 12-hour onslaught at work. And just so you peeps don’t think I’m makin’ this shit up, here’s something to remember me by:

Miss Busa is rockin' the rocket on I-285 outer perimeter, top side.

Miss Busa is rockin' the rocket on I-285 outer perimeter, top side.

I must say, I so have a ‘Busa ass. The Fat Lady definitely made my posterior look bootilicious… rump on the hump…, the S just makes it look like just another teutonic #fastass with an #undeservedreputation; just another ass in the #Kraut. ;P Ah, hell, I better quit before it gets any worse. I think all this exposure to bright daylight, pollen, and exhaust fumes is getting to me… and so is the price at the pump. Besides it’s lights out at the assylum.

4 Comments on “Miss Busa’s AWOL! Arr! Arr!”

  1. msxxfast says:

    Now THAT is what the fack I am talking about!!! I want that outfit AND the bike!!! Damn you girl, I am in love with that bike. That is so bad ass, I love the lack of a real tail section.

    • MissBusa says:

      You can’t have the bike… however, gimme your addy and I send you the outfit, the damn pants keep falling off my ass. Those would be the pants I showed my crack in while hanging off on a cloverleaf ramp. The cager crowd really loves these. Sooo, if you get increased incidents of tailgating, it serves as a reminder to reach around and pull your britches up. 😀

  2. mtajudy says:

    OMG..I was just getting ready to do a blog on the tenth year of the badass Suzuki’s Hayabusa and dedicate it to you. I couldnt remember what town you lived in so….I came on to Twitter and then over to the blog to see. Dang…
    That is one f’n badass, even more badass than the Busa…
    Now, how the heck is your husband ever going to keep up with you? 1000!! Now you really have a tiger by the tail…LOL, ok, I couldnt resist.
    Rubber down, girl! Congrates on the beauty.

    • MissBusa says:

      Holy Helena, girl! I’m freakin’ honored! Guess you’re going to hafta dedicate that 10th year anniversary blog entry to another badass chica onna ‘Busa. =D Dang, I always miss the good stuff by bad timing. LOL

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