Playing Hi-Lo with the S1000RR

A few pics are worth at least a couple of runon sentences:

Joe and I play a little game most every day, called Hi-Lo. At the end of the day, he simply asks: “High? Low?” Then it is your turn to think about the day you’ve just had and answer with the best moment, the ‘high’ and the worst moment, the ‘low’. Then you ask the question in return.

After 1K, I think it’s time for some Hi-Lo with a twist. I’m going to ask it of the S1000RR. The High: It’s wicked quick and pulls like the ‘Busa. The Low: It ain’t the ‘Busa. Let’s break this down a little. It’s got some quirks, as do all bikes, no matter what you park your ass on, there’ll be problems of one sort or another to varying degrees of nuisance. How does the saying go? “If it has wheels or testicles, it’s going to give you problems.”

Me and the Gear Shift Assist do NOT get along. I can’t pin the throttle and snick it in. No-can-do. Especially under hard acceleration. Especially going from first to second. I’ve figured what part of the problem is, the lever is not at the right angle for my foot. We shall have to fix that, since I can’t get enough leverage to nicely preload the thing. As the ‘Busa did, this one, too, likes its lever preloaded for a nice, smooth little clutchless upshift. And it has to be a decisive little snick, too. Shift like an old lady and the brain of the operation just tells you to shove off and ignores your foot completely. So, I’m still doing it old school, with the little blip (for the most part). I think I’d be better off just plopping down the 100some Euros and getting the conversion kit and just reverse the whole mess. I wanted to do that on the ‘Busa anyway, since the Gilles setup just screamed for it. That way I’ll also have an extra excuse not to let anyone ride my baby without feeling too badly about it. “You know how to GP shift? No? Oh, I’m sorry, this one’s setup like weird and stuff…” Note to self: Adjust the angle of the dangle. No, really.

I have a feeling this bike’s going to just take over when IT decides that YOU are being a jackass and can’t handle your business anymore. I don’t know how to feel about all that tech. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some tech. I’m a geek, after all. But I also love me some control. I still ride it like I used to (caveat inserted here for Joe’s benefit: Noooo, I don’t do THAT stuff anymore, just as I promised.) I’m neither more careful nor more aggressive. It’s more a matter of adapting to the new bike’s handling characteristics. I’m not being stupid but I’m also not wearing my granny panties when I’m rollin’ it. I haven’t made neither the Race ABS nor the Dynamic Traction Control intervene on my behalf. I’m riding in ‘Sport’ mode, as that is the setting optimized for street rac… riding. Street RIDING. Guess the S1000RR has so far not deemed me a jackass unworthy of the controls. *snorts* I don’t know how I’m to feel about this. I’m halfway tempted to turn the crap off and ride by the seat of my pants. However, I have promised Joe I would not turn it off, unless warranted (like riding through gravel, where the DTC would really be a kick in the rear… literally); but on the other hand I’m afraid that it might screw up my skill development. After getting used to having a bike that folds space and time in fourth gear, then takes over when you’re about to wrap yourself around the next available stationary object because you done early apexed another one, freaked the hell out, went wide, got on the damn brakes way too hard, way too late, kept staring where you shouldn’t and the famous words that should’ve been the last are you verbalizing a convinced ‘holy shit’ into your helmet. It takes over at that precise moment because the bike has deemed you a jackass, works its magic with its sensors and gyros, valves and pumps, does a little digital finger counting and saves your bacon yet again and then also wipes your ass for you as you make your panicked way out of that train wreck of a turn (“hope nobody saw that”). How are you going to manage when you’re used to that for a few thousand miles, a few seasons, or whatnot and then decide to ride a friend’s bike without all the bells and whistles you’ve become so accustomed to that you’ve taken them for granted and have forgotten that you’re still riding like a n00b on a bike that just makes you LOOK like you know what you’re doing. It’s a conundrum. I want to turn it off. I have to leave it on. Best to just ride it as always. When the stuff comes on, I know I screwed something up.

Those skinny hand grips have got to go. But, as with any ergo mods, I’m going to see if I can’t retrain my muscles to cope with the stockers first. The Hayabusa’s grips were fatties compared to these tooth picks; they’re only one step above wrapping grip tape around the bars and calling it good. And, boy, do they buzz. The Beemer does NOT like to go slow… hell no! Seems like the most vibrating is experienced scooting around town. It doesn’t seem happy unless it’s over 5K. Proper gear selection also helps, although the bike doesn’t lug, it lets you know it doesn’t like being in too high a gear.

The ride-by-wire throttle system is awesome. BMW calls it E-Gas. I call it freaking SWEET! No more on/off light switch action in first or second gear, like it was on the ‘Busa. That was annoying and a complete nuisance on roads with a speed limit of either 35 or 25. What a jerky mess that usually ended up being and who wants to ride the clutch for freakin’ three miles. meh. You twist the throttle on the S1000RR, you get power delivered proportionally to your twist, ramped. Just flowing on. Not: BAM! There you are, now deal with it. LOL

Here’s something I’ve noticed that made me giggle: It has no horn. Not that I ever used the wimpy things that come on motorcycles anyway. I’m going to just have to continue using hand signals, just like on the ‘Busa or the Harley. ;P

EDIT: About five weeks later I found it: The switch for the horn is right where it should be, below the turn signal switch on the left clip-on. But it’s recessed and way down there. I can’t see it when sitting on the bike. Neither could I ever feel it with my thumb. How did I find it? I was checking something out on the front end, don’t recall what, and I looked up and there it was, right in front of my eyes, the horn. Go imagine that. Now the owner’s manual also refers to a power outlet… I wonder where that is, because I’m still looking. Found the IR lap timer transmitter plug in the wiring harness though.

6 Comments on “Playing Hi-Lo with the S1000RR”

  1. MsXXFast says:

    I do that! But I call it “Best Part/Worst Part” lol

    You sound like you are enjoying your bike mah dear! I, on the other hand, abused the absolute shit out of my CBR today. I was chasing Shawn through turn 8 on Willow Main track at 138 MPH knowing I could have gone faster–but too scared to do it. So he had to wait up.

    Then I screwed up and hit my front brake too fast, too hard trying not to rearend a slowass in the exit of T-4b in the open session at the end of the day. Lots of rearend dancing and the distinct sound of what a 747 sounds like when it lands. Chirpp!! Rrrppp!! Rrrrp!!! Ooops scared the shit out of anyone in back of me, shook my head and passed him on the inside of 6, wheelie-ing over the crest.

    Damn good track day I must say 🙂 got to pass everyone in my level at SOW before I moved to Maintrack, where at the end in open session, I only got passed by 3 ppl.

    I should blog this shit. Sorry for taking over 😉 miss talking to you!! Have fun hun! You rawk!!! Wit yo bad ass!!!

    • MissBusa says:

      Dudette, I’m soooo jealous! Damn, I need to get my ass to the track… NEED to. I’m sick and tired and bored with street riding, not that I don’t still enjoy the crap out of it and do it every chance I get… but to think… getting busted doing 131mph in a 55mph as the popo clocks your ass as you crest the top of the hill is really not my idea of a good time… luckily I slowed my ass back down before I came over top of that…. limited sight distance and all that…. oh crap… no this never happened. I made that up. Totally.

      Can I come over?!? Please!!!! Pleeeaaaase!

  2. MsXXFast says:

    Liar! I AM QUITE SURE THAT HAPPENED 😉 hehe.. Yes, Get. To. The. Track. Woman! I can’t seem to bring myself to go faster in turn 8. I slow down before it when in truth my bike can do it. My head, unfortunately, cannot as of yet. BTW I loooooooove my new tires. That front slick is awesome 🙂 I want a rear slick now lol

    I will be jealous as hell when you’re in school :))))))

    p.s. I bought some pics from CaliPhotography but they were only in sessions where I was not up to speed 😦 Waaah. I wish they would have shot the last two sessions of Willow Main track when my ego was at its zenith. AKA when my sense of self-preservation was at its nadir. haha!

    • MissBusa says:

      “…when my sense of self-preservation was at its nadir.” <~ ROFL Priceless… probably a good thing that you don't outride your head… the bike ain't gonna be able to, if your head can't. When you're ready, you'll be coming out of that turn and you know you've nailed that bitch and glance down and are like "Holy SHIT! Yeah, muthafucka! That's what I'm talking about." Don't force it, let it happen. And it will, sister, it will. 🙂

  3. mtajudy says:

    ok…I cant take it! I so hate both of you….;( That was my sad pouty face because I have never had an opportunity to drag my knee.
    You girls both rock…and I hate you!!

    Rubber down, ladies.. and I will continue to read your stuff and drool.

    • MissBusa says:

      It feels good being hated by you, Judy. 🙂 I take it only in the good sense. Say, don’t you ride a Harley? I could never get my knee down on my Hog either, and the one time I could have on the ‘Busa, well we know how that one ended. Don’t feel bad, my knees are still virgins, too. 🙂 Well, at least until June… then I’ll be definitely scrubbing some plastic composite… I got $1000 that say that I will on either a GSX-R or a CBR… my money is on the Gixxer. 🙂

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