Baby, One More Time… Redneck Road Racing

I really can’t help myself. It’s on a need to know basis, and I just needed to know! I had to do another Hayabusa vs. Pirate comparison. How else is a chica to appreciate the new toy and learn its personality? I was on the dam road again, and once I’ve passed Pollard’s Corner and disappeared over the crest of a left-hand sweeping turn, with no witnesses on my tail and seeing that I had the entire road to my lonesome self, the right wrist experienced a moment of squidly possession and gripped it and ripped it. Still, the DTC remained quiet and left me to my own devices as it has since I got the bike. Maybe I’m too much for a Hayabusa, but this bike is probably snickering behind my back: “That’s all you got, girly?”

I jam through the gears, but then decide to try the higher RPM range and bang down two to end up in fourth. I’m tucking in, just as the bike wants me to and go with it. Stable. Precise. Awesome. I feel like the female version of Speed Racer on a mission. I come through a few turns and a quick glance at the digital readout tells me I’m doing triplets. Good gawd! Really?!? Not only is this thing quick as hell, it’s also deceptively fast. My rational brain, which is trying to hang on to sanity and the last shred of maturity, tries to interject a message of reason into my wicked consciousness: high velocity equals jail time; but the thought is drowned out by the ferocious growl of the S1000RR’s inline-four fire-breathing heart. Fuck it! When the shift light comes on, I comply with another snick. 130s… carving through these sweepers like they’re nothing. As stable as the Hayabusa but I’m not feeling like I’m having to work to keep things under control. This is way too easy. Deceptively so. There is that word again! This bike could spell out more legal trouble for me than the ‘Busa ever did. It’s way too much fun. Hell, it almost rides itself. Or is this just my skewed perception of things, since my progression in motorcycles is somewhat backwards from the norm. Harley Sportster 1200 Low > Suzuki Hayabusa > BMW S1000RR. I’m definitely appreciating what the Pirate Bike can do and how it handles its business. It has also made me a better rider in some ways… dare I say it, but my crap weather riding is way better than it was… so are my braking skills… both of which I probably should attribute to more confidence in a skill I already possessed, but was mainly too afraid to use to its fullest; not to mention that the brakes on the Hayabusa really were shit. I can stop this puppy in roughly a third of the distance; without RaceABS intervention. What can I say? The tech is giving me a reason to let go of some of my self-doubts and execute what I’ve been practicing all along with more precision and authority. I still have no clue if the junk really works… for all I know they fleeced me for $1480 to make the pretty lights come on during startup self-diagnositics. πŸ˜‰

As I round the next turn at hugely illegal speeds, I grab a handful of front brake and haul myself back down in a hurry (damn, I really do love these brakes… did I mention the thing comes with braided steel lines standard?) since I’m coming up on a hill which reduces my sight distance drastically. I’m going 50 in a 45 as I crest the hill and to my astonishment find myself staring down the business end of a radar gun stuck out of a Sheriff’s patrol car, parked in a church parking lot to my right. I smile (not that he can see it), and give him a cheery little nod, still tucked in nice and tidy from hauling Mach 3 pirate booty on a public road, as I vanish around the next curve. Holy shite! I’m glad that worked out, since I’m all out of K-Y and I fired my last traffic court attorney for scheduling issues.

4 Comments on “Baby, One More Time… Redneck Road Racing”

  1. MsXXFast says:

    What are you friggin retarded? lol Save that shit for the track mah’lady! 130 on the street??? Mind you I have trial for 128 MPH tomorrow, but that’s in my car! I did 138 on T-8 at Willow Main track and I was scared shitless. I’ll go fast in a straight line but me no likey the turns at those speeds. MUST GET PAST MY MENTAL SPEEDBLOCK.

    You have more balls than God intended when your momma pushed you out, missy goose. πŸ˜‰ Slow down on the street or I am telling your sponsor. hehe

  2. MissBusa says:

    I thought you were doing 79 not 128? ;P I was also only doing about 64 (properly adjusted for applicable speed limit)… I had to lie to make it look good and worthy of an afternoon read… *eg*

    And…. I don’t go street luging down the boulevard almost diving under unsuspecting SUVs, missy… now THAT takes balls! Looky at my chicken strips… those things are still four-laners in each direction. πŸ˜€ How tight could have those little baby curves have been… *cough cough*

  3. @reyzie says:

    I get to play on my “private track” at 130+ on corners marked 50MPH and frankly, it’s easy. It’s all in your head. However, there is no kitty-litter run-off and if you over cook just one, it’s likely your last.

    It’s kinda funny, my riding group cruises straights at maybe 85 or so. Yet when we hit the turns, throttles are seriously rolled-on! Anyone can go fast in a straight line, it’s high-speed cornering that separates the good, the bad and the ugly. And the latter, of course, are those that couldn’t make that high speed turn.

    Fortunately, on my section of road, there’s seldom any traffic, so “Redneck Road Racing” — Cali Style — is at least a bit safer. πŸ™‚

    • MissBusa says:

      Yeah… those were the days. I don’t do it any more. Can’t. Well, I can, but won’t. After racing school and being on the track, all I see on the street anymore is stuff to kill myself with. So no more road racing practice for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not still going way too fast for the wallet, however I don’t try and improve my skills on the public roads anymore. I guess I’ve turned into a major pussoir. LOL

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