Rear Brake Roulette

It’s time for me and the Pirate to have a little heart to heart. What is this world coming to when a girl can’t even drag rear brake anymore when doing slow maneuvers in a parking lot or let’s say pulling up into her driveway. Here’s the thing: I abused rear brake pads to learn how to do the ‘Slow Race’ on the Hayabusa. I could almost be at a standstill with my feet up on the pegs and hold it in perfect balance. I pride myself on pulling up into the local bike night and NOT drag my damn feet while I find myself a hole to park the bike in. With the S1000RR, however, it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Sometimes you get to do it, and sometimes the bike’s electronic wizardry just tells you: “No! Absolutely NOT!” and the brake lever goes limp. I cannot describe how disconcerting that is. Not really dangerous, the brakes are linked, I could use the front brake to do the same, but damn it!!!! Who’s in control here?!? I know it’s just a matter of adjusting, but I don’t want to get used to relying on electronics to do my job for me. What if I get on another bike and ride it like it had DTC and ABS, but doesn’t. Yeah. I’ll be making payments on somebody else’s shit. I really want to continue learning as if I didn’t have all that wondrous junk hanging off my bike. I look at it as an extra safety margin (in case I screw up, it’ll give me an extra edge to save my bacon), but I don’t want it to control my riding. That’s one of the major reasons I love riding so much. Let me rephrase that: am addicted to riding; a motorcycle junkie, a two-wheeled therapy abuser, a slave to gyroscopic precession. It’s the only time I’m really in control. In control of all aspects of my life; at that precise moment, I’m the master of my destiny. The decider of my fate. When I’m on my bike. I’m the boss woman! And I don’t need that stinking Pirate to interfere with that. No ma’am. Not gonna have it. Since I am under the obligation of a promise I made to hubby that I would not turn off the DTC or ABS unless it is warranted, I need to learn how its brain works. The brake lever going limp is just a small little symptom of what is yet to come. Remember, I haven’t made neither the ABS nor the DTC intervene in any other way, and I’m riding this thing just as hard (maybe even harder) that I did the Hayabusa. That tells me one of two things: Either I’m a pussy or I’m doing something right.

On today’s menu: Experimental riding. I have the OK from hubby to turn the systems off selectively to find out if this newly discovered nuisance is by design or a malfunction. Time to go play.

4 Comments on “Rear Brake Roulette”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    I’m with you. As an ex flat track racer (amateur), the rear brake is something I’ve gotten used to using. I have never admired the idea of Anti Lock brakes on a motorcycle. Seems to me it’s just as smart to have the automatic switch in your head…monitoring the activities of our braking habits. Not some computer chip. Train yourself not to panic while braking, there will be no panic stops. It’s like commando training.

    I think I’m a kind of purist at heart. The less gadgets and machinery to go wrong, the safer I feel. At least what does go wrong…I can fix.

    • MissBusa says:

      That’s really how I look at. If I make either the DTC or ABS come on, I done screwed up somewhere. The tech speaks to my geek. That’s why I’ve been drooling over this machine since they announced its arrival. It does give me the confidence to say ‘screw it, let’s do it’ but I really don’t want it to actually ‘do anything’. If that makes sense. I practice my emergency skills all the time, and apparently it’s paying off because I don’t get scared and flip my lid when ‘something happens’ I just try and sort it out for myself and make it through while keeping the rubber side where it belongs, and the plastics scratch free. I just get really pissed off at the morons who put me in the position. LOL

  2. mtajudy says:

    I was thinking of you yesterday as I stopped at a light and spent several seconds at a stop with my feet up, balancing like an acrobat! It made me giggle in my helmet. See what your blog is doing?? Keep it coming….I love riding with you.

  3. […] brain. In essence, if the ABS pump was defective and slowly getting worse (which it was, see “Rear Brake Roulette“) until total failure happened and by coincidence its signal chip was a dud from the factory […]

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