I haul bags.

MissBusa and Mr. SlowI suppose I should start out by being completely honest, hence the name of this post. MissBusa has requested (read “you will do this”) me to join her in her blogging endeavors. And I have agreed. Our riding styles are completely different, and she thinks that a different point of view is probably a good idea.

This is my biking background. I rode my first bike, a friend’s enduro in high school. It was fun, but short lived. Once in the Navy, at my permanent duty station, I squired up and bought a Shadow, the year 1984. Had a blast, probably should have been killed too many times to count, I took no safety courses, just hopped on and hoped for the best. I laid that bike down under a straight truck, I was wearing chaps, I had to have rocks and road debris dug out of my backside. End of first bike. Once out of the Navy, I purchased a Nighthawk 650. Great bike, started riding much more responsibly, and paying much more attention to my surroundings and generally becoming a better rider. Eventually traded the bike in for a full-sized conversion van when MissBusa and I moved out of state.

Fast forward a decade or so, MissBusa finds she can’t live without riding, and I get a Vulcan Special Edition (read “can’t keep up with the wife”). Upgrade to present Concours 14 (read “not falling too far behind, and I can carry her bags”).

That’s my history in biking, short version. See ya on the blog.

3 Comments on “I haul bags.”

  1. moldor says:

    Ouch… Bum gravel is no fun….

    Never let MissBusa bag out your Vulcan – she may get there faster than you,. but you will be far more comfortable.

    ‘s what I keep telling my mates when they wind me up about riding a Goldwing. Hell, I *like* my creature comforts. Let’s see them drink a coffee while riding !!

  2. Chris Sorbi says:

    Welcome Mr. -I’m -sure-you’re-not-that-slow!
    We take turns writing on our blog too. Hope to read/hear more from you!
    Chris Sorbi

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