Gravitational Pull: The Germans have yet to defy ‘The Law’.

The Kiss of Concrete (Right Side Frame Slider)

Mile 6162: Enuff said.

Of course I had an audience. THREE people watched me fall on my ass in the middle of the street, kicking my feet and shaking my fists and muttering obscenities in a strained voice. Here sits the girl next to her Beemer, which is still running (the drop sensor is on backorder), looking like a damn idiot. She gets up hits the kill switch, grabs the subframe with the left, the clip-on with the right and tells a Good Samaritan neighbor when asked if she needed help: “Nah. I got it!” Then puts her back into it and rights 455 pounds of obvious ‘went-wrong’. Shit happens when you leave the kickstand down and try to roll down the driveway over a curb. Arr! Arr! Not a scratch on her, save for a smallish battle scar on the exhaust pipe, which can be buffed out with a little effort. LSL Crash Pad frame sliders and a little luck saved the Pirate’s gorgeous plastics.

Recap: Dropped my ‘Busa around Mile 6000something after having her for about three months. Crashed the ‘Busa four months and 11K miles later. Dropped the Beemer around Mile 6000something, after having her for about three months. In November, I think I’m getting the next one in Acid Green and calling her ‘Envy’.

Lesson Learned: Do your pre-flight check!!!

Note To Self: Maybe I should start wearing my knee pucks on my ass instead.

3 Comments on “Gravitational Pull: The Germans have yet to defy ‘The Law’.”

  1. moldor says:

    ROFL !!! Tried that on the GL1500 – not as pretty an outcome !!!

    Do you have room to mount a small micro-switch on the kickstand ? I have one on mine that does two things;

    1. Flashes a bloody great orange “idiot” light if the bike is started with the stand down
    2. Kills the engine if I kick it into gear with the stand down.

    It helps…

    But glad to hear she’s OK… How did hubby survive (I assume he laughed and was hurt for his efforts >?)

  2. chesshirecat says:

    I’m sure you have heard the statistic: Most accidents happen within the 1st three months of riding. (Of course that pertains to new rider statistics…but) It’s so satisfying to lift the bike on your own…after such a boo boo. I believe the same accident statistic remains in play for the rider of a new to them style of motorcycle! It’s all learning curves isn’t it? I’m smiling with you on this one…sheepish yet devilish grins…

  3. cynthia q. says:

    glad you are ok—sounds like you know how to handle your bike 🙂 and just blow a kiss at the spectators

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