BMW Motorcycle Owners of America | Tattoo You

Appointment tomorrow at 13:00. Enuff said.

via BMW Motorcycle Owners of America | Tattoo You.

July 23, 2010: One hour after the fact. Red, puffy, oozy, with excess ink, the remains of a spray-on tan and medical tape goo. Yummy.

Here it is:

Miss Busa Is Rebranded: This Girl Is Nuts

Inked & Rebranded: A Call to the "Vintage Chick": Hijnx, you're next. 🙂

And here is the thread on the We Ride forum that started it all: Tattoo You

Finally went in to have that long overdue touch-up of the solids done. My artist warned me about that, since it’s hard to see when you’re trying to ink in red and my skin likes to seep plasma when it’s under duress. I also decided to have the roundel redone in solid colors. I didn’t like the way the idea came out. Looked a hell of a lot better in my head and on paper. Probably because the faded blue reminded me of the crappy chest piece that I need to get covered up. It’s next on the list. I have decided it has got to go ASAP.

S1000RR Tat (touch-up)

Tweaked and Touched Up. The solid colored roundel works a lot better than the "faded, subtle, ghost image" look I was going for.

One Comment on “BMW Motorcycle Owners of America | Tattoo You”

  1. Hijnx says:

    Oh I’m steppin alright. But I’ve been busy out ridin’ and my tat’s gonna run a few bills.

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