OMG!!! 193 Ponies Worth of Felonious Fun

First of all, let me say this: EEEK!!! OMG! EEEK!!! I’m in love! >

We’re on our way home. Another onramp, same Interstate. This one is mostly straight with its own lane (no merging into traffic required, unless you want to get over into another lane). I grip it and rip it… well, not really, about half, 3/4 throttle at the most. The Pirate accelerates up the ramp like her tail is on fire. The shift light is flashing like mad (I set it at 9K to let me know when it’s time to dump the clutch during race starts) but I ignore it. I wonder what I look like flying up this ramp in the dark with this ultra-bright-white rapidly flashing LED illuminating my cockpit. I can see the light reflecting off my chest in my mirror. I continue accelerating at a constant rate and just as I bounce it off the rev limiter, I grab a clutchless second gear upshift, while keeping the throttle pinned. This is the smoothest I have ever seen the QuickShift work. The QuickShift (or Gear Shift Assist), which is an option on the S1000RR) electronically cuts power and arrests the spark to unload the transmission (or some such thing) when a shift is requested by one’s left foot, without having to blip the throttle or actuate the clutch lever. I pretty much hate the thing, and blip the throttle and do my clutchless upshifts the old school way. But this time? Hot damn! I must have given the Pirate’s brain what it needed to be the precise weapon of speed it was engineered to be. Because this, well, this is freaking awesome. I barely perceive the actual changing of gears from first to second it is that smooth (which I might add, is a regular nuisance for me, and I frequently find neutral or a false neutral on the way; which reminds me: I need to adjust the angle of the lever to alleviate this embarrassing little tendency). What comes next (during, whilst?), I am so not prepared for. As I grab said upshift the front gets REALLY light, the bike lifts momentarily (I have no clue if the wheel actually leaves the ground) and then it hurls itself forward like a shot. A freaking missile launch. Luckily, I’m tucked in and am clamped down on the tank, light on the bars… or I would have probably a) fallen off the back , or b) accidentally ham-fisted the throttle by the sudden need to hang on, resulting in a major wheelie which would have looped and dumped me on my soon-to-be-in-a-world-of-pain ass. Holy Helena! That is what it’s all about. Another clutch-foot salute to the motoring public as the bike settles back on its suspension and continues to barrel down the lane. Next thing I know I see hubby’s tail light in front of me, slightly offset since he’s in the left wheel track of the same lane. And I get on the binders to haul the Pirate (naughty, naughty girl) back down to more legal speeds.

Damn! I wanna do that again! Saturday, after I get off work, I’m going to the strip to lay some drag during their “Gamblers & Grudge Match” night.

EDIT: Silly me, I would have never looped a wheelie… even in ‘Race’ mode, the Pirate will put the front end down for you after she’s had enough of your squidly shenanigans… about five seconds worth is all she’ll give ya. Still scares me to actually put that to the test, though. So I ride like I don’t even have ABS nor DTC.

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