S1000aRRgh: Bye Bye Baby

The Pirate and The Tow Truck: Very interesting experience driving the bike up on that and then having to hold her while dude leveled the bed back out.

I had to make use of BMW’s Roadside Assistance for the first time. Which was a rather pleasant experience. They made me feel like I was actually the customer and I was the one calling the shots. Wow! Not “here is how it is going to go down!” but rather “this is what we can do, how would you like to proceed?” The wrecker service was at my house 35 minutes later to take my S1000RR to the dealership in Norcross, GA which is a little over 140 miles from here.

My S1000RR getting prepped for her ride to Norcross, GA

I really want to cry, but no time for tears I've got to get my butt to work.

After going to the drag strip on Saturday my Baby suffered rear brake failure. My guess is that it’s electronic in nature, although she doesn’t throw an error on initialization during the ignition sequence. But there are other little hiccups she has been experiencing, such as the turn signal not cancelling when the button is pushed, or the rear brake pedal just going limp without reason (which I thougt was. by design since running in Race Mode alleviated the problem) or the display yellowing where the LEDs are located. First it was only in one place, now it’s two. I hope the shop finds what ails her. I have a ride planned on Saturday and I hate being without my bike!

4 Comments on “S1000aRRgh: Bye Bye Baby”

  1. Strega_Rossa says:

    Agggh too many electronics 😦

    Hope its gets sorted out and you’re back in the saddle again soon.

  2. coolcycledude says:

    The dealer is 130 miles away from you? One way? Dam!

    • MissBusa says:

      Yessir. But it gives me a good excuse to go take a little road trip on the bike every so many thousand miles. The S1000RR is so worth it. Definitely. Maybe we’ll eventually get a Beemer motorcycle dealer in this town. There are enough people around here riding BMW bikes, one would think…

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