S1000aRRgh: The Pirate’s Scurvy

I just got off the phone with the service department of my Beemer dealership. They have no official diagnosis yet, but it looks as though the ABS pump is trying to decide whether it wants to work or not. The front is working fine. They’ve sent an emergency request to BMW for further analysis and instructions. The word from BMW is that they haven’t heard anything about a problem with the S1000RR’s brakes. There is (as of yet) no pattern of failure, in other words. Scary thought that the pump’s failure wouldn’t trip a fault in the bike’s self-diagnostic routine. Maybe the rear brake doesn’t rate a fault. Who the hell uses that thing for much of anything anyway? Who knows. But this is not very confidence inspiring. What if this had happened to the front brakes? With no indication whatsoever that something was amiss… during a pass on the strip or on the track, in rush-hour traffic… hell, I don’t even want to think about it too much. Amy said that the shop is now “at the mercy of BMW” and her best guess is that I’ll have my ride back by next weekend. We shall see…

2 Comments on “S1000aRRgh: The Pirate’s Scurvy”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    When it comes to computer related problems, wow… it’s a bitch out there isn’t it?
    Are you saying: the computer is not set to recognize rear brake failure as a problem meriting a notch of it’s own in the “WARNING WILL ROBINSON” portion of the on board computer? Strange days indeed.

    I’m not a rear brake person. Rarely use it…but when I do, I expect it to BE THERE! I’ll bet BMW is sending a tech to check this problem out personally, that is…if it really is a first time failure with these units. Brake failures are nothing to toy with. Significant damage to their reputation/financial well being can happen if these failures start to occur involving death or well…what ever.

    • MissBusa says:

      Tell me about it! I don’t use it either, but like I said, if the system can’t recognize the rear brake going out… The possibilities for the shit hitting the fan are numerous. What gets me is that there is a little red light on the dash that actually reads “brake failure” below the one for the DTC. They start out lit and then go out after moving a few feet under power until it calibrates the traction control unit and checks the RaceABS. I suppose now I know why I never completely trusted it and always rode like I had neither. But brake failure is kind of hard to make up for with skill. I rather it had been the traction control unit. I don’t use it. I treat it as an ass-saver of last resort not an aid to make me look better with crappy skills, if that makes sense.

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