S1000aRRgh: An Update

I just got a VM from Mr. Slow saying that the final diagnosis on the exact type of scurvy the poor Pirate suffered is failure of the rear brake master cylinder. The part is on order, they should get it tomorrow and I might just be able to have the bike brought back down here by Friday. I will call the service department tomorrow afternoon to see if that still stands. I can definitely live with the master cylinder going bad. That would NOT throw a fault in the bike’s diagnostics. I am relieved and the electronics are off the hook. Is there a track day in my near future? Of course not… something else came up and my hard earned cash must go to that. If it ain’t one thing… I guess if something doesn’t happen soon in the way of knee dragging I probably will have to resort to a little old-fashioned, irresponsible and downright felonious Redneck Road Racing just to keep my sanity.

One Comment on “S1000aRRgh: An Update”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    Glad it’s the master cylinder. On board computer problems are a hair pulling insanity trip that never seem to get the ghosts out of the wiring.

    Now for the knee dragging problem…oh I’m so bad….Momma always told me “If ya ain’t got nothing good to say….” but it is funny… something to do with knee pads and “tube steak”. Oh, I said it anyway… mmm maybe it’s not as funny said out loud as it was in my head. OI.

    Keep us updated, sister of the high and winding RPM’s…. You are in my thoughts for a ride that will blow that damn parrot off your shoulder SOON!….he’s leaving “bird tracks” all over your leathers.
    I’m glad you’re writing again. I’ve missed ya.

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