S1000aRRgh: Broken Bike Blues

MissBusa Marks Her Territory: The Pirate's New Vessel

The Mark of Busa: The "Black Box" be ours! Arr! Arr!

Let me start by saying that I miss my pickup truck. Missing my truck is OK though, for I have found MissBusa again in my life. I know that many people come here to read a motorcycle blog. Well… The Pirate has been in Atlanta for more than three weeks now, and I have found that my “better half” is doing things with me other than riding a bike again. Of course, I do admit that most of the ‘doings’ have to do with getting race ready.

MissBusa misses her bike. Of that there is no doubt. More than a few times she has brought up lowering links for my ride. I’m six foot, one inch. I’m considering the links. Just for sanity’s sake. Seems that Maxton, NC is calling my love for some Speed Trials. Perhaps there are those of you who think I wouldn’t want the Pirate of my Heart’s Desire back in my life. I definitely do. It’s simple: you love someone, you want them to have what they love, as well.

Watching her do the research to go fast has been fascinating. One hurdle cleared seems to bring on two or three more. She just keeps on rolling. Blue Moon Cycle may be in deep trouble if they don’t get that bike back here pretty quick. No bike is probably a hurdle that she can’t clear. Although, I do get a laugh out of picturing her running in full leathers down the Maxton Mile.

There is now a “MissBusa” sign on the back of my truck. Does that make it hers? I think it may have been hers from the beginning. Everything to do with the bike. Including my bike (read as luggage rack). Well, it’s only just. She’s found a new love. Not one to replace me, but one to keep me hopping. I haven’t been hopping in a long time, so I guess that’s a good thing. Ride on MissBusa. I’ll see ya in the pits or at home. Now I have to go tell Blue Moon to keep that bike for a week or so longer. Errr, no wait. I meant see if they can expedite it. Yeah that’s it.

2 Comments on “S1000aRRgh: Broken Bike Blues”

  1. Chessie says:

    Whoa! You’re keeping me confused, dazed and a smacking of paranoia seems to be creeping into my psyche… I’m very glad I figured out WHO was writing and sending this missive…whew. Hang in there race fans… Miss Busa will be returning.

  2. MissBusa says:

    The man can’t keep his mouth shut! LOL I guess now I have to blog about it in detail. I was trying to not say anything until I knew for sure whether it’s going to be happening or not. Ah, but I seem to have a problem with that, too. I’m very excited. Happy. Can’t sit still. And focused. It’s been like mental tunnel vision for about five days now. Yeah, I’m a weirdo… LOL

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