S1000aRRgh: Yeah, I’ve Said It

I’ve just fired off the following email to the manager of the service department of Blue Moon Cycle in Norcross, GA. I still ended up getting pissed off, blew my lid and practically snatched the BlackBerry out of Mr. Slow’s hand and proceeded to get in a pissing contest with Daniel. Not that that was effective or anything. I just got frustrated, told his defensive, overbearing, I’m holier-than-tho-woman little ass that I don’t really give a shit any more; to keep the damned thing and give me a call when it’s ready. Whenever that is. I’ve had it. These people obviously take me for a fool and couldn’t care less about keeping their customers happy or at least sane! A friend said it before and I hate to admit she was right: “Blue Moon? Yeah, they’re assholes up there, so I went all the way to St. Louis for my vintage goodness buying needs.” That bad, huh? Yeah. They were all friendly and quick and squeezed me into their busy maintenance schedule when I brought my “seemingly fat Beemer owner’s wallet.” Show their true colors when there isn’t a profit margin to be had since they have to do it “on the house.” I will elaborate later, but for now I’m too pissed to even think straight. The lies will be exposed with EVIDENCE to support my assumptions. Then, Blue Moon, I invite you to sue me for slander, libel, whatever your lawyer thinks he can make stick. And I’ll have an answer for you: “Neener neener dipshits! Didn’t think so! Case dismissed!”

Anybody want to buy an unreliable piece of shit … 2010 BMW S1000RR? Really cheap. Almost new. I make ya a good deal since the brakes are a little…. uh… soft. Rides like a dream, extremely fast, put your Hayabusa-riding buds to shame and leave them smelling your teutonic exhaust fumes. Stopping is soooo overrated. Still has over two years of factory warranty (you’ll need it, too, at those premimum BMW prices, because no mortal can afford to fix this shit once it breaks) Oh, did I mention it’s really fast and extremely cheap?!? Hit me up. Cheap! An offer you can’t refuse, my pretties!

Amy (or Daniel) or whoever still cares.

I’m not going to call you and tell you this, because if I did I would get pretty angry all over again and probably get loud and ugly and profane. But I will have my say. I am VERY disappointed how you handled the repair of my motorcycle. Up to this point I loved coming to your shop, and I was pretty satisfied with our business relationship and the way you treated my S. I always felt welcome there.

I suppose that was when I was spending my money. But now it seems a different story altogether. I have been patient throughout this process until everything you and your team has told me added up to being placated and strung along with “I don’t know”s and “tomorrow”s or “the next day”s. I have spend $700 on a planned ride over my anniversary weekend which, thanks to your customer service strategy of appeasing rather than being straight up and honest. And my only fault in all this? I didn’t want to be one of “those” customers and I gave you the benefit of the doubt and was patient and took your word as fact. Now, of course, it is too late. Cannot plan for contingencies when not given the correct information. I am not even angry that the repairs take this long, I am angry that you pretty much just lied to me. And there isn’t anything that I detest more than being lied to and put off. That is where you failed as a business. You didn’t find it necessary to be up front with me. Did you think I would just go away? I would have, if you had given me the proper information and kept me up to date on the status with realistic estimates.

I am not going to argue with you about which of the things you have told me are fact and which are just plain fiction. No need for that, however if you had stated the truth then give me concrete evidence to that effect. That would put most of it right and our relationship may be restored. If you can’t, then the reason is fairly clear.

I am NOT happy. You made me feel disrespected, insulted my intelligence and thought of me as stupid. I am not. Your actions speak clearly.


P.S. And tell your pretty boy Pinson that he should quit hitting up girls for their engines to use at his pathetic attempts to be a pro racer in trade for race tickets and a pit pass.

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One Comment on “S1000aRRgh: Yeah, I’ve Said It”

  1. Strega_Rossa says:

    Yowzaah! Full-on battle ahead. Can’t wait to hear how this all works out. Dammed shame service depts fall all over themselves for “paying” customers and wont give you the time of day on warranty repairs. Happened to me with my Chevy van and just now with my Jeep.

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