Express Yourself In Vinyl

I’ve been playing with vinyl a little. I turned Mr. Slow’s Tundra into a gas-guzzling-V8 rolling billboard for my own personal ego boost. Really, it’s just part of the visualization process and to passively get the word out about my blog, my racing endeavors, and to just be an all-around dork.

Team PLD's Truck

Miss Busa's handy work: Mr. Slow has said that people have actually chatted him up numerous times. They all assume HE races. He corrects them, their jaw drops. Yeah, we can do more than cook, clean and bear children. ;P

This was all in preparation to go up to the Maxton Mile to celebrate my anniversary by getting my long-overdue speed fix by engaging in a little something called land speed racing. They just happened to have record trials that weekend. Sweet! But that is for another long overdue blog post. I didn’t speak of it before, since I had a little go-around with my BMW dealer regarding the virtues of swiftly executed warranty work. Long story short, they screwed me out of yet another inaugural participation in yet another official racing event. WERA in July, ECTA in October. I’m starting to get used to it. But I digress… as the WERA thing is for another blog post. I should clarify that the missed WERA race wasn’t my dealer’s fault, that one fell victim to Murphy’s Law.

Where was I? Oh yeah, vinyl. I went and bought some stickers. I love stickers. I collected them as a kid, amongst other silly stuff like shopping bags, stamps, and rocks. I had practiced on the truck and as I finished with the bike, I can now say, I’m officially proficient in the fine art that is the wet (and dry) application of vinyl graphics. I had a good time with it, too. The mere act of applying Team PLD Racing related goodies to various vehicles made me feel like the dream is finally starting to take shape and that it’s not really all that improbable or silly and that I will eventually get to race. It gave my waning motivation some much-needed extra momentum. A little step in the right direction. A hugely needed small sign of progress. Maybe it is like the visualization technique: if you visualize it, it will happen. And there is something to that, there must be. When I get myself in trouble on the bike my brain treats me to a mental video of getting myself out of it, saving it and being on my way. It worked so far… well, except for that one time when I crashed a Hayabusa by exceeding machine limitations. But I’m no David Blaine, so give me a break.

And now, like a little four-year old girl showing off her masterpiece in Crayola (and you better hang it on the fridge, or else) here is the latest indignity my poor S1000RR had to endure at the hands of a wannabe official fastass:

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