I’m Not Worthy! Impound My Double-R!

Moronic YouTube Comment

Comments like these are exactly why I don't allow commenting on my vids. What exactly did this accomplish? Not to mention that this has got to be the most boring ride video out there. Oh wow! A Duc and a BMW going the speed limit (more or less)! Impound our bikes!!!! Quickly!

Was I not just going on about this topic? What exactly does a comment like this accomplish? Other than fulfilling some deep-seated need of the poster to put another person down. Especially, since he has posted a video of his mom learning to ride without a stitch of gear on her, not even a helmet! What can I say to this? It pissed me off, I couldn’t resist. And the best part? The cam died before we even got into the twisties and the “real flame-worthy stuff” happened. Ha! And we came back to talk about it. Not worthy of either of those bikes? I wonder what worksheet he used to come to the conclusion?!? Please, somebody explain this one to me. Somebody? … Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? I would like to know what exactly we did in the posted video that makes us so unworthy. The thing is a boring documentary of two supersports doing the speed limit! OMG! OMG! What squids! Well, Kevin *is* a half-squid. Hahahaha… he does need some knee pucks on those jeans, the way he was throwing that Duc through the curves. And I told him as much. I was dressed in full race gear. That’s right! I’m one of those douche bags who wears her full track regalia on the public roads. *nods, crosses arms, wonders if you have a problem with it* Oh, and it was RAINING! Yessir! Raining, I tell ya. We were canyon carving on WET roads! OMG! OMG! OMG! Because we so don’t know how to ride… Never mind that one of us actually had formal training. Did I mention we were also sleep deprived? Hopped up on caffeine and one of us had to go work that entire night DRIVING?!? There were cops everywhere, too. You know what cops in the twisties are called, no? They are the corner workers of redneck road racing.

Let’s see here: One of us had the same bike for four years. One of us puts an average of 1,500+ miles on the clock any given month. Neither of us owns a battery tender. One of us has the “good rider” discount on their insurance. One of us is “claim free”. Neither of us would let their Mom ride without gear. Both of us ride year around as our primary mode of transportation. One of us doesn’t even own a car. Either of us pays less on full-coverage than you do on liability (confidence is high, I repeat, confidence is high). Embarrassed yet? Shall I continue, or are you slowly getting the point here?

Go buy your mom some gear. She deserves it and should slap you around a bit to knock some sense into you. I do thank you though, I really needed a douche bag to punch around a little, since I haven’t had throttle therapy in a long time, it’s cold as hell, and I am cranky when both of these things happen in concurrence. Don’t know what that means? Google it.

Signed – The chica who should ride a Ninja 250.

P.S. I forgive you. It’s ok. Darwinian Law will take care of problems like yours, I assure you. Thank you again for the good time. I really did need this. Life is good.

7 Comments on “I’m Not Worthy! Impound My Double-R!”

  1. mtajudy says:

    When the words “douche bag” are used, it just wrecks me. Im just sayin….

    • MissBusa says:

      Wrecked in a good way or a bad way? It is my favorite word for moronic idiots who make no sense whatsoever and display an obvious lack of intelligence and common sense. I could replace it with “jackass” that’s a good one, too.

  2. mtajudy says:

    No, please dont change a thing. I need the laughter that goes along with the word for the moronic idiots who make not sense whatsoever and display an obvious lack of intelligence and common sense. I love it!! And, by the way… touche!!

  3. Chessie says:

    Crimminy, Yeah, that’s what’s happening all over these days. I don’t get it…and don’t want to. I figure people who write such disparaging thing to others (w/o a clue as to what they are actually witnessing,) simply have a damaged soul. Nothing else answers the type of person who can/will and have done such shit.

    For every asswipe who does something like this, you must remember…there are 10 (or more) of the shy persuasion who not only enjoyed the video/blog, but sent their friends over to enjoy it too. We don’t always get the “RAISIN PIE” we deserve, but YOU can in fact, sit back and know there are 10 people or more to the (1 asswipe) who left feeling thrilled after watching or reading….

    See ya in March….I hope!

    • MissBusa says:

      Chessie, I know. I usually just ignore such trash. But this one was sooooo beyond stupid… considering the video he commented under (when there’s one posted where he could have ripped me big time and rightfully so, since I was a complete asswipe and riding like I stole it, but I ripped myself on that one already…) It just got to me, like a catalyst that brings to the forefront an issue that I cannot and will not ever understand, and unlike you, I’m still trying to make sense of it, because it hurts my soul when I observe others in the act, when I’m not even involved. Maybe I’m just a big fat neohippie. LOL

      • Chessie says:

        I love the Neo-hippy remark!
        You know, if it were to have happened on my own video …. I don’t know if I could be so forgiving… and reasonable. I doubt it. I do try to keep in mind the person who has done such shit…is trying to get a raise out of me…and so if I do give the grease stain the time of day … I would hope to be able to rip his shorts and shove a corn cob so deep ( as you have) that he would think twice about coming back. Some times… it don’t matter how intelligent our observances of the undigested kernel of corn who is our tormentor…that yellow blob of wasted fecal matter will return to piss on the good feeling we once had over the video…

        Sigh…now that I have completely ruined corn on the cob till next season’s crop arrives…. have a fantastic day!

        • MissBusa says:

          ROFLMAO!!!!!!! And that is why I love you! Corn is bad for your digestive system anyway, so it’s all good! Forgiving? I thought that I wasn’t. I keep in mind that these “grease stains” don’t know me, never seen me ride and even in my “riding like an asshole” videos, I have my machine under full control. I don’t even think I reach 60% of my riding skill on the street anymore, so I know myself and really what they say I could care less. If you called me a “squid”, I’d listen, but you wouldn’t rip me either. We would have a discussion like grown ups. People like that? Don’t even rate. But I also make it a point to not let assholes be assholes, that got me into more trouble than I care to recall, especially at work. But I beat them at their own game every time. It’s a past-time of mine. 🙂 If you wanna get into a pissing contest with Miss Busa, you better come prepared and locked and loaded. Because I will take your ass down, down to the shit-level you belong on until such time you grow up and can hold your own in adult conversation.

          I think I should hold an annual event. Rent a track for a day, then send out invitations to all those riders who had run-ins with douches who feel like they have something to say, and have them put their money where their mouth is during a little grudge match road race. That would be awesome. I wish I was rich now. Gotta win the lottery. Mayhem! And fun, too.

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