Found It: The Black Hole of Wasted Type & Space

Its event horizon apparently coincides with my YouTube channel.

Silly Comment

Another addition to the MVC category: This is intellectual semi-precious material here!

Silly Comment 2

The life expectancy of Subject D is dramatically shortened compared to his peers in the control group. Ask me how? Nah, don't. You wouldn't "get it" anyway. Divide by Zero. Enough said.

Miss Busa Speaks

Give me a minute... it takes time sinking to that low a level... I need a qualifying round here.

Round 2

I find myself having to adapt to my visit in the waste lands of this douche's intellectual landscape. It's not pretty, but maybe sinking to the appropriate level will decrease the chance of the point being missed completely.

Ahhhh, I’m drunk on the silky-smooth power of a moderator moderating in moderation. This is therapeutic! Better than a squeeze ball and much safer than telling the boss where to stick it. If it wasn’t for these ass-clowns how would we get our low-brow entertainment?!?

All is well at Casa Busa, because when you come into my house and attempt to shit on my carpet, I will grab you by the scruff of your neck and rub your nose in it preemptively (with the right technique and pressure applied strategically you’ll bend that far), then toss your untrained ass outside with the rest of the mongrels.

Block. Delete.

A low-life shitpot stirrer isn’t given the satisfaction of having the last word.

2 Comments on “Found It: The Black Hole of Wasted Type & Space”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    The girl don’t take prisoners. She just chews ya up with her drive chain…Leaves ya bloody and looking like chopped beef behind her. Dusts off her hands…and forgets the ass wipe exists. How amusing…

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