S1000aRRgh: Show Me The Money!

The check BMW sent me for “being inconvenienced and missing out on the prime riding season” has arrived. No strings attached. More on that later. I’m taking that puppy to the bank once I have figured out wether to turn paper into fiberglass or carbon fiber or anodized red aluminum or wait a little while longer and buy an AMB Tran-X 260 transponder. Maybe I should say screw it, wait a real longish while and get a GPS transponder with a nifty little data collection module stuffed into the Pirate’s ass and do my own thang via wireless download to my MacBook hehehe… but then I still have to rent the freakin’ AMB box anyhoo. Crap. But I like numbers… I like a little crunch in the morning with my coffee. I hate creating spreadsheets, but I sure do love looking at them when they are automagically created for me and… ah, hell! Decisions, decisions… what to get first… I also have my sights set on a set of Chicken Hawk tire cozies with adjustable temp controllers. Yeah, I should really wipe the drool from my mouth right now and quit dreaming. But it’s so much fun… and frustrating… but fun… but frustrating… *sigh*

Oh, what I logged on here to say was this: The Suits & Skirts at Beemer Yankeeland USA have paid up and I can now unprotect the corresponding blog posts that would have been in violation of said unsigned agreement; apparently they couldn’t handle my little email I sent them when I gave them a deadline of my own in response to theirs… more probable of a scenario? It wasn’t worth the hassle. But, I am sort of proud of that one. It’s been a while since I played lawyer without a clue (nor a bar) and damn it, if that last time I tried it didn’t cost me 200 smackers extra in traffic court for dissing the judge. I guess I’m out of the hole and back into the green now.

Patience, my lovelies, it’s in the works. The next installment is in final draft, should be going up before close of BusaBusiness today. =D

The Pirate and the Heroine (Re-enactment)

"...as the butt of her hero and the Pirate disappear around a sharp and hardened twisty…" ~Chesshirecat

Ok, so it's not really hardened and sharp, more like a lazy eastern Georgia sweeper on the soft side of the hilly twist.

Oh, hell I almost forgot to mention the reason for such a gadget: I am trying to figure out the most effective, fuel efficient but yet fastest route to work on a Monday morning. That is all. I swear. Uh-huh. Yes. That’s it. I’m also trying to set a new rec… oh, I mean, I’d like to shave about 10-15 seconds off that commute, so I can sleep in a little longer… Yeah. Can’t blame a girl for wanting to get a little advantage over the rest of the crowd. No, you can’t! Won’t! Oh, what’s that… NASCAR on TV?!? I gotta gooooo……. bye.

3 Comments on “S1000aRRgh: Show Me The Money!”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    The cat stops to watch the super hero dressed in white leather…a white motorcycle race suit…. as the butt of her hero and the Pirate disappear around a sharp and hardened twisty….the cat could her the cackling of the Pirate’s Mistress…fading into the hollers of the mountains…..the corporate world can only shudder when they see this super hero appear from the shadow of the mountain…. yes, the small creatures of the riding world have a new hero to emulate…and her name is MsBusa…..

    • MissBusa says:

      Woman, cut it out, you’re making me blush like a shy, introverted little girl in second grade having her colored pencil drawing shown to the entire class by the teacher. But I couldn’t resist and added a picture, it doesn’t do your story justice, but neither do most Civil War re-enactments uphold the standard. =D

      All my silliness aside, I really do appreciate your words and I will continue to do my best to live up to my newly upgraded reputation (maybe kick it up a gear… or is that kicking it down? I shift in reverse… *scratches head*), with all the gory details of my motorcycling adventures, my foul language, the iffy metaphors, the borderline substandard humor, the crappy jokes, and the revealing of my most embarrassing girly moments while holding a wrench. All that with the help of the Heroine’s Superpower:

      *cue up the superhero entrance music sound byte*

      The (often) fragmented compound run-on sentence with a distinct overuse of (occasionally orphaned) parentheses.

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