Rumor has it…

…that Miss Busa has a panty shot posted on her site. Seems that people are trying to locate it. I need to clear up this misinformation: There IS NO panty shot!!!

However, there is a pic of me riding naked hidden in the 2010 section of this blog. The first person to locate the nudie will win a prize (to be announced at a later date). In order to prove that you have found it you’ll have to email me the direct link to the image file.

Any public posting of the direct link will lead to a broken image icon and result in disqualification. You have until January 12, 2011 23:59 EST.

Good luck to all you horn dogs… especially to the CMT crowd.

Happy hunting.

One Comment on “Rumor has it…”

  1. chesshirecat says:

    Lordy, Lordy….MS BUSA is giving out presents early? [laughing] if I said there was a naked photo of me on MY web site… the traffic would increase, but only with those who go out of their way to see a bloody traffic accident, where the driver has his leg twisted in some weird angles and his head is 180 degrees from where it started. GHOULS would be my only reward!

    Ahhhh I love ya! Not everyone can be you…and I’m so glad I have ya to read…you give me hope that the day will be filled with fun (you promote that) and smiles.

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