Haulin’ Arse: A six-pack of split rolls…

*wipes tears from her eyes in addition to the retarded smirk on her mischievous face, coughs, clears throat and sits up straight*

Oh hell!

Every time I come across this pic I’m snickering… there’s something to be said about a bunch of dudes in leather onsies straddling inline-four engineering. God Bless America (and the Japanese)!

Haulin' Arse

Haulin' Arse: The Six-Pack! And that is why Miss Busa is slow on the track... who can pass that?

And this is the reason why Miss Busa doesn’t have a one-a-day photo blog. *walks off giggling*

2 Comments on “Haulin’ Arse: A six-pack of split rolls…”

  1. westwood says:

    Retarded? Really? You can do better.

    • MissBusa says:

      LOL I’m sure I could, but you have yet to see me with my eyeballs rolled partially back into my skull and drool running down the corner of my o-shaped, slack mouth; hanging open, forgotten, emitting barely audible oooooo mmmmm oooooo noises. It’s a study in age regression. 😉

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