Happy New Year! 2011

Resolutions? Never made them until 2010. I have always believed they are a surefire way to set oneself up for complete failure. A person’s resolve just doesn’t last 365 days. Shit happens, and the first thing to go is a resolution. In 2010 I got caught up in the resolution game. So, we shall now take stock of the fiasco and get a damage report.

My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions are posted here. Go ahead and click on that link right now, it will open up in a new tab or window, depending on your setup. I shall do the same, I need the cheat myself, to figure out what in the world I was going on about.

The first three are tweets:

  1. Join the 200-MPH Club. ~ I’m up to 151. FAIL
  2. Get a provisional novice racing license. ~ I haven’t applied for it (as with everything else it costs more money), but I’m eligible, so I’ll count that as a QUEST COMPLETE
  3. Complete an IronButt ride. ~ Haven’t even planned the route. FAIL

The others are from a post in some women’s forum I since long got the “attitudinal ban” from:

  1. Ride 15K. ~ I’m going to have to put on some clothes, go outside and get the current mileage off the Pirate, then do some math. 12332+3591=15923. QUEST COMPLETE
  2. Some mumblings about breaking 200 mph but revised to just finding top speed on the Hayabusa. ~ Since I did bounce it off the rev limiter at a drag strip… but not in sixth gear… and not on a Hayabusa… eh… FAIL
  3. Do “The Box” on the Hayabusa ~ I didn’t even try. FAIL
  4. Do “The Circle of Doom” ~ Didn’t even try this one either. I don’t think I did any serious PLP in 2010 (Parking Lot Practice) FAIL
  5. Master the one-lane u-turn on the highway. ~ Yeah, I tried that one a few times when I had to, yeah. No! FAIL
  6. Beat Mr. Slow in the 1/4-mile. ~ What kind of resolution was THAT? That’s like saying I’ll resolve to breathe every day in the new year. Unless you die before midnight 12/31… QUEST COMPLETE
  7. Stay citation free. ~ What a laugh! FAIL
  8. Participate in Lee Parks’ Total Control Workshop. ~ The money ran out. 😦 FAIL
  9. Get my knee down. ~ Did that! w00t!!! QUEST COMPLETE

And there you have it. 66.67% Failure. What a way to get down on yourself and feel like a loser. Yeah. I resolve to stay resolution free for 2011. As it was decreed, as it should have been, as it shall be again.

Our Rides

Just an unrelated piccie of our rides to spice up this resolutely lame post of personal failures. I like this pic. I do. Even though the S1000RR looks to need a little more preload in the rear for all this blasted luggage she is made to haul around like some run-of-the-mill sport-tourer. Poor baby.

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