I’m Done With ‘NO!’

I just checked if the ECTA had their 2011 schedule posted yet. Indeed. It’s up. I’ve been waiting for this and have checked their web site for news once a week or so. Again, my crappy, dead-end, “you-don’t-have-a-future-here” job interferes hugely with my racing endeavors. I need to find a gig where I am my own boss, seriously. I feel like I’m wasting my talents and brainpower on these people who couldn’t care less about me when it doesn’t also suit their fancy. When I told my supervisor last year that I needed my June vacation confirmed, which I had put on the calendar in January, the answer I was treated with? “I have no control over this. The boss doesn’t approve these requests this far in advance.”

“If I don’t get this approved, I will lose $2000, because the deadline for canceling and getting a full refund is 30 days. The school is two weeks from now!”

“Well, then I guess you’re out of 2 grand.”

I looked at her incredulously: “No, I’ll quit before you make me miss this. I do have a life, contrary to popular belief.”

The vacation was approved (at the last minute), was covered, and I did get to go to the Kevin Schwantz school and keep my job. But this goes to show how much these people care. My husband has to put in for his vacation in January. His is then approved. I have to wait for him to finish, before I can request mine. Then, for the rest of the time we sit around, waiting and hoping that these sorry asses give us the word. Who can plan like this?!? The person who makes the rules (or bends them to her will) is approving her own vacations. Imagine THAT!

Back to the ECTA’s 2011 schedule:

  • April 2-3 (Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge)
  • May 14-15
  • June 25-26
  • September 24-25 (Motorcycle Top Speed Shootout)
  • October 29-30
The important stuff...

Some things just can't wait! Time Slips 101

Great. I get two shots at trying to set an official record. Better get my top game on and start hitting the gym and the math books. There is muscles to be built, weight to be lost and power-to-weight and gear ratios to be calculated. Theoretical top speed under varying conditions. I’m going to have to dust off my propeller hat. There is wrenching to be done, and to know what must be tweaked I need to know what is theoretically possible and what needs changing to give me the best shot at this.

What the hell is she going on about now?!? Breaking 200 miles per hour on the Mile, that’s what’s going on. Without sponsors (who can contribute monetarily) and on an anorexic budget. This is so improbable that it reminds me of a scene from 300: “Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… for tonight we dine in hell!” Which is fitting, since I do like my hot sauce.

Why doesn’t she just take vacation? The family is going to Germany to celebrate Papa’s 80th birthday in December. And that I will not miss! Racing be damned! Papa is more important, even if it does hurt a little to miss 3 out of 5 meets.

I am tired of mundane life interfering with my damn plans. I missed the last meet because of those jerks at Blue Moon Cycle, I missed my first WERA race because life had other plans for the money in my racing fund. I will NOT take NO for an ANSWER! I’m done with interference!

7 Comments on “I’m Done With ‘NO!’”

  1. Cam says:

    Keep your eye on the prize lady!

  2. Michelle Linton says:

    Stick to it!! We’ll wrangle some free stuff for you, just give us a list. Oh and why don’t you work for yourself?? You certainly have the balls for that if I do LOL!!

    • MissBusa says:

      No, I don’t (have the balls). I’m shy and a poor sales person and even worse in self-promotion. See tomorrow’s blog post. I have no talents that are marketable either. Everything I do (with the exception of riding) is mediocre at best and in this economy trying to go entrepreneur takes a lot of that of which I have not enough. Besides I don’t have time… I need the little money that is left over from my paycheck to go toward the dream.

      • Michelle Linton says:

        Well I certainly see the point about all your cash being for the dream. Don’t blame you there. IF there was something entrepreneurial that you could do with bikes I bet you could get that done. It doesn’t necessarily require lots of cash, but decent amounts of time. So if you aren’t up for it wouldn’t be worth all of the effort. My problem was always being pissed off at bosses 😉 and not doing well with authority. Although I do have to answer to Uncle Sam at this point, but he doesn’t physically sit in my office with me or peak his head in and ask how’s it going or can you do so and so.

        • MissBusa says:

          That is the only reason why I keep saying that I have to find myself another gig, something where I am my own boss. I’m tired of the Corporate BS and office politics. And that whole “entitlement” attitude they all have and they are a bunch of lazy asses. But they are so nice to your face, but behind your back they have nothing good to say about you. And I’m not even the “typical problem child”. I am there on time, cover shifts, do my job, don’t whine and complain. My only fault? I don’t take their shit and call them on their BS. I’m thinking about trying the technique of keeping my mouth shut and be low profile. But that takes some doing, because if it’s two things I can’t stand it’s laziness (when somebody else has to suffer for it) and liars. Combine both of those… yeah.. dynamite. blech.

  3. Dream big! My hubby is in the same spot. Working at a place he loathes, but needs the pay check for now. We’re working on getting him out!

    Can’t wait to hear how you do this season! I’m cheering for you!!

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