The Body Electric

Miss Busa Is Wiped Out

Exhibit A. Enough said.

I know this. In order to improve my riding skills I have to hit the gym, hit it hard, hit it regularly and give this organic machine what it needs to be up to the task. I’m always thinking about and working on giving my machine what it needs to not leave me sitting on my ass on the outside of some corner but I rarely want to spend time on “that other thing”. As those of you who know me can attest: Miss Busa hates working out! She hates it so much she has a sizable list of legitimate excuses to draw from should the unthinkable happen and I hear someone say “let’s hit the gym and pump some iron.” ~ “Yeah, that sounds fabulous! I would love to, but [insert appropriate excuse from aforementioned “in case of imminent exercise” list]. Maybe next time?”

I had an excuse this morning. I had one yesterday. I’ve had one for every day since I signed up for the Ed Bargy Racing School. I always feel this need to go hit the gym before I hit the track. But rarely ever actually follow through.

This procrastination until it’s too late needs to stop! I need to make myself do this. I get slow after five laps. I’m so slow after eight that a pro racer can pass me on the OUTside pushing his machine. Yeah, it’s pathetic.

Lessons learned and worth remembering: Do NOT under any circumstance learn track layouts in your head while on the elliptical. Last time you tried that you ended up falling off.

Luckily I caught my balance and didn’t fall on my ass… people still stared. Thank heavens, I couldn’t hear anything through my tunes. I’m sure there was snickering involved coming from the back row. Those three dudes had been watching my cheeks wiggle for the better part of the past 35 minutes…

Afterthought: What kind of exercises do racers actually do? I wonder… in the mean time it’s cardio until I drop for endurance, weight lifting and a ton of squats in various flavors. My thighs are usually on fire after riding hard. I need to look into that… see if I can’t develop myself some sort of workout routine.

7 Comments on “The Body Electric”

  1. Michelle Linton says:

    Check out radical approach to weight-lifting without having to put in SO much time doing it. Trust me it works. Now, needless to say I haven’t used it lately due to a back issue but am about to get back into it for about the same reason as you (no racing yet, just riding – need more muscle). This is what I do this time of year (tax season) since I have negative hours in my days.

    • MissBusa says:

      I will check it out, but I’m so not self-motivated. If there isn’t somebody standing behind me with a cattle prod I experience severe transmission problems (won’t get my ass in gear). LOL My friends are on this P90 (or whatever it is called) kick right now… wonder how long that’s gonna last… I’m betting three weeks. Hahahaha.

  2. Michelle Linton says:

    Oh and no I don’t get any advertising kickbacks for this :); just a good program.

  3. Vaughn says:

    If you can find any of the last year or so’s issues of American Iron laying around a library or other location, photocopy their 1 page articles on lifts and exercises for riders. You’ll be amazed at what a difference just doing the different exercises(in your spare time even)can make on your ability to ride without feeling tired.

    That’s about the only reason I could offer to check out that rag, so if you can’t find a local library with it, definitely don’t bother buying the damn thing.

  4. Ms XX Fast says:

    That’s a hot photo girl. One question: How in THE hell do you keep your leathers so clean and unmarked. Did you photoshop that? They look so black and mar-free. You should see the inner thighs just from the Stomp pads

    I am trying supreme 90 day work out. But 7 minutes sounds far more appealing.

    • MissBusa says:

      The pic is from my Hayabusa days, around September 2009. I had just gotten this set of leathers. However, they still look like this with the awesome exception that my knee pucks are not looking so new anymore. Yay!!!! However, I do clean my leathers regularly before the gunk builds up. Especially on the white set. Around the knees and crotch and on the backside I always seem to have dirt accumulating. I think it’s from the bike and all the road grime. I dunno. It’s in all the places that make contact. I use saddle soap to clean and leather moisturizer to condition. Or the Dainese care products that come with a set of new leathers. However, I won’t be buying that crap when it’s used up, since it costs $35 and you can only squeeze maybe three applications out of it if you’re frugal with its application. They are out of their minds!

      I still haven’t made it to the gym. The excuse right now is: Not enough freaking time between work and blog and race prep and research and life….

    • MissBusa says:

      Oh, the StompGrip pads (which Mr. Slow so lovingly called “the shower mats”) were history when I saw what they were doing to the inside of the knees on my leathers. I switched to TechSpec snake-skin patterned Traction Pads or whatever they are called. You can see them in the pics of my S1000RR, they actually look awesome on that bike. Since they only come in black, they would have looked like crap on the ‘Busa, but that set is still sitting in its packaging around here somewhere, since they came a few days before my crash and never made it onto the bike. I’m loving those. Just the right amount of traction without the nubbies tearing into my $1K set of leathers (not that I paid that, mind you). Also, they allow me to slide around better. I move a lot on my bike, and the StompGrips hindered that a little, although that once I was anchored they were awesome (I usually didn’t have the outside foot on the peg when hanging off the ‘Busa because I had to put major ass into cornering that puppy quickly) so I know they work. The TechSpec pads are a little less grippy, but still give the feel of being anchored securely while hanging off, but it allows me to slide around without having to slightly lift my thighs to allow for the movement.

      Which reminds me, I need to do a review on those…. *sigh*

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