Flat Out: The GP RS-R Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket (rear view)Pocket Rocket (front view)The GP RS-R test run fell a little flat. I was looking forward to sliding this thing all over the place and the power delivery was, shall we say, not all that usable for that sort of unadulterated silliness. No torque, no top end, and a little flat in the middle. This thing, although pretty fun, was a total letdown out of the box. It needs some tweaks in the way of performance upgrades. The no-load idle needs to be adjusted so it doesn’t take a full-throttle effort with a race boot push-start to get my posterior rolling down the boulevard at a heinous rate of acceleration. Yawn! Let off the throttle just a little and it goes flat, so no sliding sideways fun (just yet). I couldn’t even get it to do a proper burnout (and I wasn’t even sitting on the thing). Dragging some knee to show the neighborhood kids how to properly ride one of these things? No go. Unless falling over in the middle of a turn and landing on your knee puck to hold the bike up counts. ;P It was way too cold for me to stay out there for long and I wasn’t in the mood to take it to a parking lot, as we had planned. I’m not really in the mood for much of anything when the temps are in the lower 50s with a breeze that sends shivers down one’s spine and invites mental images of the North Pole.

To be continued… at a later date, after some tweaks, in a parking lot, with some temps in the upper 60s minimum. March looks good.

And here is the obligatory Miss Busa Boring Ride Video everybody seems to be wanting (for reasons I have yet to figure out) ammo for all you haters *snort* courtesy of Mr. Slow’s BlackBerry:

3 Comments on “Flat Out: The GP RS-R Pocket Rocket”

  1. Ms XX Fast says:

    I love how you say “You’re just supposed to rrrroll on the zee throttle” in your accent 🙂 I am sorry you were let down. 😦 I thought for sure you’d have fun with it. You can’t expect to enjoy it as much as your BMW 😉 I hoep you can tweak it and get it going to your like. You’d hate my electric one, but it is torquey and I can slide lol. It’s just slow.

  2. Strega_Rossa says:

    50 degrees… north pole?! I’ll trade you my low teens for your 50 degrees and through in my husband’s cold weather riding gloves. LOL

    Gotta connect the ear piece to watch the vid, don’t want to wake the sleeping bear beside me.

    • MissBusa says:

      No thank you, Strega. Keep that up there with you. LOL What can I say, I’m anemic and acclimatized. And a marshmallow butt. I’m soft and well, don’t like being cold. It makes me cranky. To my defense, it was in the mid-40s when I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and went inside to “thaw out”.

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