Inaugural North Carolina Two-Wheel Tour

As if the pressure wasn’t enough, now it seems that I’m going to have an audience of a bunch of tweeps “making a weekend out of it”. This is not the sort of tweet-up I’d ever expect to attend. I thought they were kidding. Apparently not. Now, I’m going to have to make sure they don’t ride 91 miles just to see me choke. *wipes sweat from brow*

I’ll make some gearing changes, practice my race starts, and lose 6 pounds to gain a pony or so on the top end, but beyond that I promise nothing. Other than maybe a good time at the end of the evening when I finally get to drink a few brewskis because all the racing is done. I’ll drink to celebrate or to drown my sorrow, either way… it’s gonna be good! \m/

Inaugural North Carolina Two-Wheel Tour

14 Comments on “Inaugural North Carolina Two-Wheel Tour”

  1. Michelle Linton says:

    Dang wish I could join the tweet-in! too far for me during this time of year. Definitely hope to be part of the pit crew at some point this year.

    • Miss Busa says:

      Look at the list of race tracks. Which one is closest to you? I don’t remember, you’re in Chicago?

      • Michelle Linton says:

        Yep Chicago, but you forget I have to visit family in Bama so I can meet you at Barber. Hope to spend more time down south this year since I didn’t get to last year.

        • Miss Busa says:

          I won’t be able to make it to Barber until September 9-11, because of my work schedule. When are you visiting your family?

          • Michelle Linton says:

            Nothing definite planned yet but am trying to get my schedule at least tentative in the next couple of weeks. But that is definitely a weekend I could squeeze in.

            • Miss Busa says:

              That would be awesome! Hopefully, a gal I met on Twitter who will also be racing soon, will be there, too. It seems we have about the same lap times around Barber to make it fun. 🙂 That would be such a blast.

    • Miss Busa says:

      Ooops… I forgot. There is always the “We Ride” Tour to the Salt Flats in 2012. To follow in the footsteps of my hero, albeit a tad bit slower, I’m afraid. Naturally, adjusted for differences in machines and advances in technology. I also won’t have quite the amount of pit stops the ole man had on the way… Mr. Slow would really not appreciate me doing the “full pilgrimage tour” *giggles*

      • Michelle Linton says:

        Absolutely there is the We Ride tour next year – and it will be here before you know it! No full pilgrimage for you? too much time off or time away or both?

        • Miss Busa says:

          No, that blurb was referring to a previous conversation on the We Ride board. That I would go to Bonneville in Burt Munro’s footsteps minus adult entertainment on the way. LOL You know the movie, the World’s Fastest Indian? The man had some uh… R&R on the way. =D

          • Michelle Linton says:

            Well duh that one went over my head today – remember the post so yeah I don’t think Mr. Slow would be too kean on that program! Neither would My Little Dork if I were to join in the ummm ‘revelry’

            • Miss Busa says:

              Yeah, we probably should truncate an “S”. Just “Salt” and “Speed” should do. Hehehehe So, it’s a deal then. We’ll pick you guys up on the way. =D

              • Michelle Linton says:

                It’s a deal! Definitely have to follow through with this – will be too much fun!

  2. chesshirecat says:

    YIKES!OK…I need to be filled in. Guess I’ve missed a few tweets! Will ya let me know when and where? As you know, I live “next door” in Tennessee…and most of the tracks in NC are closer to me than not…I’d like to come. But for sure, I’m gonna run into ya in Augusta when I come through next month!

    • Miss Busa says:

      Chessie, don’t worry. I have the schedule page up (finally) and I will edit it as things change and progress. And you better stop on your way through here, remember I know (kinda) where you live. I’ll come up there (enjoy the twisties on the way) and uh, well… and make you buy me German beer as restitution, if you don’t. 🙂

      The Bonneville thing is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I have a little “personal business up there.” 🙂 I usually only talk about it when I’m drunk tho. I’m on a mission… Hehehehe…

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