Say What?

I have just been informed by Mr. Slow that I need to write a book.

“Say what?”
“You heard me.”
“Yes, I heard you, but I would like to make sure that I am not hallucinating.”
“I want you to write a book.”
“Can I just read one instead?”

What in the world has gotten into him? I’m barely coping with blogging. Not to mention I have to read my stuff in excess of umpteen times just to get all the mistakes out. Don’t get me started on my affinity for the run-on sentence or the alternating overuse and underuse and mostly misuse of proper punctuation. And I am so not censoring out my favorite words of the profane. I happen to like “shit”, “douche bag”, and “motherhumper”. I do not wish to be edited, my limited (but nonetheless my own) creativity messed with, my words wrangled and taken out of context. Besides…

“There is a crap load of skill books already out there.”
“I’m not talking about skill books.”
“What kind of book are you talking about?”
“Tell your story. How you got into motorcycling, how you overcame your fears, what it means in the context of your life.”


Who would wanna read that shit,” I’m thinking as he continues to elaborate; “I’m not that good.

“You’re good. You have a talent for writing. You could make money doing this. Figure this, if you get your book on Kindle, you could make $7.00 for every $9.99 download.”

I wonder where he’s getting his figures from, but I’m quiet and listening; because making money to finance the next set of tires or the next performance upgrade without having to deal with the drudgery of my job and the heartless drama of office politics that goes along with it does sound extremely tempting. Pipe dreams, I say. But one can dream. However, I’m already dreaming… a dream several sizes too big for my stature. Now I’m being told that I should write to finance my ride.

That’s a whole lot of pressure to put on one shy little woman. I know that much. He’s giving me too much credit, is not seeing this objectively and probably has forgotten that I do not do well with self-promotion. I hate selling. Especially myself.

In time, he will forget about this writing thing and leave me to the riding thing. One can hope. Even though the thought is somewhat sweet. Sweet indeed.

…and as I hit the publish button, I am treated to this:


3 Comments on “Say What?”

  1. Dandooligan says:

    Yea, Mr. Slow is right. You’re not the objective one…. 😀 Write a book. I’m envisioning “The Perfect Vehicle: Speed Edition”, or something to that effect. Have you read that book, by Melissa Holbrook Pierson? Why? If only to be an inspiration to other women who do/want to ride, that should be enough. And yes, you will be an inspiration. However, I think your book will go farther than to be just that…

  2. Michelle Linton says:

    Well I am so happy that Mr. Slow is pushing for you to write and publish. (Since I believe I said you should be or that you will publishing your own one day.) You are great at it and it is a great way to pay for that new set(s) of tires; notice the plural of sets :). Many women (well me anyway) have been inspired by your blogging especially the humor! I can’t tell you how many times I have been bored out of my mind at work and see a post from you come through on my email; I immediately drop what I am doing and make sure I login and get to the laughing portion of the day or week (well as long as I don’t have a client sitting here). I am never surprised anymore when I actually take 3-4 lessons away from your blog.
    So with all of that said – JUST DO IT! The first one could be a compilation of your blogs for part of the book because some of the stories are just too good not to put in there. The women of the species need it (sorry don’t really mean to put pressure on you as I know you well enough by now to have observed that you can ‘have a conniption’ when too much stress is invoked). We don’t want that!! You need to be fresh and ready for this weekend. 🙂

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